Advanced Warehouse and Data Collection for Sage ERP X3

Distribution ERPRunning a warehouse efficiently can be a challenge – receiving, storing, and picking products with manual processes, overburdened staff and disconnected systems can result in a drain on operations, productivity, and overall profitability. With Sage X3, it doesn’t have to be that way. By automating this process you can speed up the entire process to reduce overhead and eliminate time consuming and error-prone manual processes.

Advanced warehousing and data collection for Sage ERP X3 will allow you to automatically capture your most important data, speed up receiving through optimized location management and directed putaway, and increase warehouse productivity with tools for pick planning and scheduling, directed picking, and palletized picking, all while measuring performance with labor tracking tools.

Watch the demo below to learn how the advanced warehousing and data collection functionality in Sage ERP X3 can help you manage your warehouse more efficiently and effectively than ever before so you can recognize benefits such as:

  • Increased productivity through faster putaway and picking times
  • Better visibility into work-in-process production orders and manufacturing costs
  • Timely, accurate information from capturing information directly on the shop floor or warehouse without keying errors
  • Improved quality control from verifying data before it is posted into Sage ERP X3
  • Fewer shipping errors from immediate verification of products and quantities
  • More accurate inventory counts resulting in lower carrying costs, fewer stock-outs, and cost reductions from tracking down fewer inventory errors
  • Reduced overhead by accommodating higher data volumes with fewer errors and less personnel
  • Shorter learning curves for shop floor and warehouse personnel to learn and utilize the entry devices

We represent a number of Distribution ERP solutions, but Sage ERP X3 is our top choice for wholesale distributors because it provides everything they need in a single solution to help them manage perishable inventory, sophisticated picking and put-away strategies, ever-evolving standards for electronic data interchange (EDI), and so much more.

Read the Sage ERP X3 for Distribution brochure for more information or access the Sage ERP X3 Resource Guide to see more videos, read white papers, access spreadsheets, and hear from current customers.

Sage ERP X3

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