24 Signs that Sage ERP X3 Could be the Right ERP System for You

Sage ERP X3 ERP has been around for a very long time; so long that all of the different systems out there begin to look the same after a while, especially when you are in the midst of making the decision about which one is right for your organization. While you may not know which ERP system is right for you, you do know your business, your current challenges, and your goals for the future. Maybe you’ve been thinking about Sage ERP X3– it’s a powerful and a well-known solution, but was designed for a company like yours? Find out if you’re on the right track:
24 signs that Sage ERP X3 could be the right ERP system for you:

  1. You have somewhere around 100-500 employees.
  2. You are in the distribution, manufacturing, or service industry.
  3. You are an SMB ready to move into the midmarket.
  4. You are an established midmarket company that needs to revive the growth that got you there.
  5. Production requires better planning and quality control.
  6. You feel as though your current system is holding you back due to poor usability, accessibility, and data quality.
  7. You operate in a highly competitive space.
  8. Your IT staff is made up of 1-3 people.
  9. You are losing sales due to a lack of responsiveness and inefficiencies.
  10. You have a hard time quickly accommodating complex orders due to a lack of insight into your capacity.
  11. You need an ERP system with a lot of functionality, but you have to think about budget.
  12. Accounting needs better insight into costs and compliance.
  13. Employees lack the information they need to be responsive to customer demands.
  14. Operating inefficiencies are taking away from profits.
  15. You are losing your agility and focus on quality.
  16. Your customers are leaving you for your larger, more aggressive competitors.
  17. You’ve invested yourself in selling abroad but your international operations and complex, not profitable, and difficult to manage.
  18. You want to increase IT security.
  19. Sales need better insight into your capacity to accommodate orders quickly.
  20. Employees are spending too much time “putting out fires.”
  21. You need to reduce overall IT costs.
  22. Improving customer services is among your top goals.
  23. You have complex business processes and need to make managing them easier.
  24. Some of your most important organizational goals include:
  • Winning new customers.
  • Reducing operating costs.
  • Managing and optimizing logistical and industrial flows.
  • Connecting disparate divisions.
  • Supporting business innovation.
  • Simplifying your service delivery.
  • Connecting core business processes.

Does the above description sound like you? If so, click here to access more information, product demos, white papers, spec sheets, and customer success stories about Sage ERP X3. Have some specific questions? Contact one of our consultants today!

Why is Sage ERP X3 a potential fit for companies who fit the above description?

Sage ERP X3 revives midsize companies’ growth and profitability with fast, simple, flexible ERP software. The system is designed to drive efficiency across financial and operational processes and give all employees the insight they need, when they need it. Accessible online and on mobile devices, Sage ERP X3 turns your business into a more responsive organization, locally and globally. The system is designed specifically for manufacturing, distribution, and services industries and simplifies the management of multi-location businesses. Powerful, yet easy to implement and to learn, it is the solution of choice for midsize companies looking to scale a profitable business.

Sage ERP X3 connects employees, partners, suppliers and customers online and on mobile devices, accelerating all business exchanges within and outside the company, locally and internationally. It offers big business functionality for mid-sized businesses, at small business pricing.

Benefits of Sage ERP X3:

According to IDG Research Services, by improving data effectiveness with a solution like Sage ERP X3, mid-sized businesses stand to dramatically increase their bottom line. Companies with the best data quality, intelligence, usability, and accessibility can expected to gain 35% more incremental revenue year-over-year than a low performing company. That can amount to $10 million in additional annual revenue for the average mid-market business after just 7 years!

Additionally, Aberdeen Research showed that improved accessibility and usability of company data can boost user productivity by 73%, customer response by 75%, and process cycle times by 75%, leading to faster sales and increased profits.

Do you think you are heading down the right path with Sage ERP X3? Learn even more about this solution, watch videos, learn implementation best practices, and hear from current users in our learning center, click the button below to get started.

Sage ERP X3

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