3 Ways CRM for Manufacturing Creates Sustainable Competitive Advantage through Customer Satisfaction

Price cutting alone does not result in competitive advantage in today’s manufacturing industry, at least not in the long term. Because manufacturers tend to have longer relationships with their customers, their satisfaction and the value of those relationships are becoming increasingly important when it comes to differentiating yourself from your competitors. You need to not only offer quality products at a competitive price; you need to connect with customers and provide them with a valuable relationship and positive experiences. CRM for manufacturing can play a large role in making that happen.

Gone are the days of spreadsheets saved on your desktop and passing binders of information from one desk to the next, CRM for manufacturing pulls all of your customer information into one place, a place your entire team has access to.  How does that translate to customer satisfaction and a sustainable competitive advantage?

  1. Better Customer Service: Your entire team can see every interaction your company has had with a customer, from their first click on your website all the way through the sale and their most recent customer service call. This allows your employees to manage the relationship as a coordinated team. Your customer won’t have to explain themselves over and over again to different people in the company or rehash old issues since you will have all of that information in the CRM system.
  2.  Provides A Valuable Relationship: Offer customers products and services you know they need. With CRM for manufacturing you will be able to see what products the customer already owns and make them aware of complimentary products, specials, updates, time for refills, etc. This will make customers feel as though they have more than just a product/service provider in you, but a valuable partner. Additionally, it will increase repeat sales and give you opportunities for cross-sells and up-sells  on complimentary products or services.
  3. Eliminate annoying communications: Your customers easily get a hundred or more emails a day, they don’t want to see anything from you that don’t make sense for them. With CRM for manufacturing you can quickly create email lists and send customers only the information they will find valuable based on their needs. They will be more likely to open your emails if you are only contacting them with relevant information and will keep them thinking positive thoughts about your organization.

CRM for manufacturing can do much more than keep your customers happy, it can also improve sales forecasting, help you close more deals, and help you manage your complex partner and supplier relationships.

CRM for manufacturing

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