4 Myths about Sage ERP Inventory Management Put to Rest

Sage ERP Inventory Management

While companies know the importance of accurately analyzing and forecasting their inventory, many accept the performance of their existing features and functions found in their Sage ERP system as their best possible option; but there is always more that can be done to optimize your inventory.

The trouble is that many decision makers believe the myths; that it will take an exorbitant amount of time, effort, money, and equipment to improve the inventory management performance of their ERP system. It’s time to put those common Sage ERP inventory management myths to rest and show you how you can further enhance the inventory management functions of your Sage ERP system with Sage Inventory Advisor; a fast and affordable way to reduce stock outs, optimize inventory, and meet customer demands .

Sage Inventory Advisor is an affordable cloud solution compatible with most Sage ERP systems designed to provide Sage ERP customers with a daily diagnostic of the inventory that makes a difference to the bottom line, reduce the time spent on forecasts, and solve for the optimal investment required to achieve target fill rates. Sage Inventory Advisor helps companies overcome their biggest challenges and bust through these common inventory management and ERP myths.

Myth #1: My ERP system has everything I need for inventory management.

Many ERP users assume that their ERP system is fully equipped with the highest level of stock optimization technology can provide. While your ERP system are great tools to manage inventory transactions, customers who adopt a system like Sage Inventory Advisor:

  • Reduce excess inventory by 10%-15% and improve inventory turns
  • Reduce working capital and free up 15%-20% of cash tied into inventory
  • Improve fill rates by 2%-10% and eliminate stock-outs

Myth #2: Analyzing inventory performance is overwhelming.

Companies who rely on inefficient technology and methods to analyze inventory performance will find that it is task that requires too much time and skill for it to be done more than periodically. With modern inventory management solutions, you can access diagnostics and reports instantly that help you focus on your most critical tasks

Myth #3: You need to export data from ERP to analyze stock and adjust forecasts

With seamless integration into your ERP system, these extra steps are no longer necessary. With Sage Inventory Advisor, customers have managed to reduce time spent on forecasting by 50%. The system can help you quickly analyze historical sales and inventory data, produce quality forecasts and suggest optimal replenishment recommendations. Additionally, Sage Inventory Advisor provides “what if” simulation in an intuitive, graphical user interface that makes analysis and forecasting faster and easier than ever before.

Myth #4: Integrating inventory analysis and forecasting tools with my ERP system is a long and expensive project.

You can get up and running on a connected cloud-based inventory management system in as little as a few days and for a small monthly fee. As a cloud-based solution, Sage Inventory Advisor takes as little as 30 minutes to implement and is accessible anytime, anywhere on mobile devices. The system connects to Sage ERP systems naturally and does not require additional equipment or customization.

Want to learn more about getting set up with Sage Inventory Advisor? Contact our Sage ERP Consultants today!

Sage ERP Inventory Management

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