44% of Companies Really Do Need Better ERP Integration

ERP integrationHow many systems are you using to manage your business? A recent study from SoftwareAdvice.com found that 44% of companies currently shopping for ERP are using a combination of systems including their ERP software, Excel, and basic project management software to manage critical data and make important decisions. Why is that a problem? Because a lack of ERP integration usually results in duplicate data entry which can do more than simply slow you down, it can create major problems. For example, what if you misplace a decimal point? It may be small, but that little dot can wreak havoc when improperly placed.

ERP integration is the key to eliminating inefficiencies and ensuring data accuracy and it’s becoming increasingly important to businesses of all shapes and sizes; this is a fact made evident by this study which found:

  • 59% of prospective buyers cite ERP integration as the top reason for wanting a new system.
  • 61% of non-ERP users would like more integration in their business.
  • 54% of current ERP users are dissatisfied with their current systems’ integration capabilities.

If you’re looking for ERP integration, choosing the right partner for the job is paramount. At e2b we employ a large development staff that has experience working in many development technologies including Microsoft SQL, Visual Basic, .NET, ASP.NET, Microsoft SharePoint, and more. It is our goal to be your single source for both standard and custom ERP development and integration projects. Learn more here.

What else are companies looking for in their ERP system other than advanced ERP integration? According to the study mentioned above, current ERP users are unhappy about a number of things in their current system and are looking to make a change:

  • Improved CRM: 47% of ERP users are looking for greater integration with an existing CRM database, or an entirely new CRM application with greater functionality as part of their new ERP system.
  • Affordability: Nearly one-fifth of current ERP users say rising costs are a main reason for wanting to switch systems. If you’re looking for both a powerful and affordable ERP, you may want to consider a cloud ERP system.
  • More Support: 24% of ERP users say their current system lacks support which may be due to being on an outdated system with few support options or perhaps they’re unhappy with their current ERP partner.
  • Scalability: 19% report that company growth is the main driver of their ERP system, so they may be looking for a more scalable solution that can grow as they do.
  • Improved Accounting: 18% are on the search for better accounting functions.

How well is your current system serving you? Find out with the tool below.

ERP integration

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