6 questions to ask yourself before selecting an ERP system

selecting ERP software

By Jeanne Lee

Enterprise Resrouce Planning Software can be a critical tool to help companies compete; but choosing the wrong system can be a huge roadblock to success. Here are 6 tips or steps to get you started on your hunt for the right ERP fit for your enterprise

1)  Do you need ERP? Is your company experiencing a high level of growth? Are your businesses processes not working effectively? Take a good look at what your company needs to be doing better or faster or more efficiently, would an ERP system help?

2)  What are your must haves? This is really important! Meet with your team, department managers, co-workers etc. anyone who will be using the system. They may have needs specific to their department that you had not thought about. Of course everyone will have a variety of needs and wants, and there is no ERP system that can meet ALL of them but at least now you know which features you should look for. Down the road, after the initial implementation of your system, you can find custom software to add funtionality to meet needs which were initially left behind.

3) What is the competition doing?What are your competitors or peers using? If they operate in your industry they might have already found the right system or could at least give you a good starting point in your search for the right ERP for your company.

4) who are your top three?After you have done your research narrow the options down to the top three ERP systems that you feel will best address your needs.

5) What makes the top 3 different?Schedule real time demos for each of the system packages, use those demos to get as much information as possible; go into it with a list of functions and reports you would like to see, take notes, and make comparisons.

6) Who will you choose at your Vendor? Make sure to pick a vendor not only you, but your whole team, feels comfortable working with a long time.  Be confident that they can and will get the job done, and done well. Read reviews, check references, look at their website etc.



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