7 Undeniable Benefits of Epicor Cloud ERP for Small and Medium Sized Businesses

Lately you’ve been hearing a lot about cloud ERP and maybe you’re trying to figure out what cloud deployed ERP can do for you. While cloud ERP may not be right for every business, a growing number of small and medium sized businesses are recognizing the benefits of SaaS solutions like Epicor cloud ERP, for example:

7 Benefits of Epicor Cloud ERP

Financial Savings:
Epicor ERP in the cloud means major financial savings and faster time to value. You don’t have to buy servers, data bases, or backup systems- nor do you have to pay the electric bill to power all of those things. Epicor manages all of that for you and their team of experts will keep it running around the clock 365 days a year- in fact, Epicor has a guarantee of a 99.5% uptime and an even higher average performance rate.

With leading electronic and physical security layers in place you can rest easy knowing that your data is safe and sound

IT staff productivity:
Cloud deployment also means your IT staff can finally focus on strategic projects that help your business grow instead of worrying about infrastructure and systems

Instant access to current technology:
System updates? They are installed automatically, allowing you to benefit from the most current version of the ERP system

Increased collaboration:
The cloud means that everyone can collaborate in real time, increasing agility, eliminating inefficiencies, and ultimately driving greater success for you and your customers. The cloud become the great connector across your organization, all you need in order to access your system is a web browser, enabling your field staff to access the information they need on their mobile devices, your back office staff from their PCs, your shop floor staff from their location, and remote employees as well. Many companies will also bring vendors and customers into the system as well giving them access the information they care about most.

Simple Scalability:
Growing your ERP deployment is as easy as subscribing to additional users, allowing you to respond to business growth, seasonality, and even global expansion and because the core ERP is a global solution, it allows you to standardize your entire organization on a single system, eliminating messy workarounds and disconnected applications – so everyone is looking at the same numbers and you have finally got the control and consistency you have been looking for.

Choice & Flexibility:
Choice and flexibility are a critical part of Epicor’s ERP offering. When you deploy Epicor ERP in the cloud, on premise, or in a hybrid model you always have the option to change your deployment model later as your business needs change.

Cloud ERP is on the rise for SMBs looking to take their business to the next level, learn why so many businesses are making the move in the white paper below:

Epicor Cloud ERP

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