8 Reasons Belmont Meats Chose Sage ERP X3 Process Manufacturing ERP

Process Manufacturing ERPSince the company’s establishment in 1966, Belmont Meats, a manufacturer, processor, and distributor of meat products, has become a true leader in the industry.  With over $100 million in revenue each year the organizations business model is clearly successful, but one thing any successful business knows is that change is always on the horizon, especially when it comes to technology. For Belmont Meats, this meant replacing their aging system and making the switch to Sage ERP X3, a modern process manufacturing ERP system with a history of success in the food and beverage manufacturing and distribution space.

Why did they choose Sage ERP X3 over other options? Here’s what the company had to say about their choice:

The need for change: The organizations dated AS/400 system was “no longer cutting it,” according to the company’s director of finance and IT for Belmont Meats in a case study put together by the software publisher. Belmont Meats needed a more robust system that was easier to use, more cost effective, and offered a rapid implementation timeline.

The company was thrilled by the following benefits of Sage ERP X3:

  • Rapid implementation- the company was live on Sage ERP X3 in just four months.
  • Ability to support multiple manufacturing models used by the company
  • Complete forward and backward lot traceability for each ingredient and finished item, including shelf-life management with expiration date control.
  • Ensure that products are accurately procured, tracked, and accounted for throughout the production process with sophisticated inventory management functionality.
  • With customers and suppliers across Canada and the United States, Belmont Meats makes good use of the multicurrency features in Sage ERP X3.
  • With the company’s utilization of third-party logistics providers, the ability to easily transfer products between warehouse locations is appreciated.
  • Easy access to tons of actionable data, a critical factor to the company in order to make faster decisions, improve processes, and refine workflows.
  • Manage by exception, “the exception reporting in Sage ERP X3 is powerful, Sage ERP X3 alerts us when there are anomalies in the data, allowing us to quickly take action.”

All in all, the organization is thrilled with the results they are seeing with Sage ERP X3. Not only is the system offering all of the above benefits, it’s making it possible for employees and executives across the organization to see things in a different light.   “I’ve noticed a change in thinking at Belmont Meats. Increasingly we are questioning old ways of doing things and challenging the status quo. We’ve seen what access to current, reliable data can do, and it’s changing the way we work.”

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Process Manufacturing ERP

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