A Strategic Move- Swiftpage Purchases SalesLogix & ACT!

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After selling ACT! to Symantec, Pat Sullivan started working on a next-generation product – SalesLogix. The product was initially introduced in 1997. Sullivan’s strong following led to rapid development and huge success. SalesLogix went public just two years later and was acquired for $263 million (including ACT!) just four years later. At the time, SalesLogix had amassed thousands of loyal users and avid reselling partners. It featured a clean design similar in many respects to ACT! but had a lot more functionality that allowed it to compete against much larger systems such as Seibel (now part of Oracle), Pivotal (Aptean, formerly CDC Software), Onyx (Aptean, formerly Consona), and other popular systems of the day.

Swiftpage is the leading email marketing solution for SalesLogix so it makes complete sense that they now own the product. It remains to be seen what this means for SalesLogix and for ACT! but the products are certainly in good hands and will enjoy many more years of success so long as Swiftpage continues to invest in them and in their channel.

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