XSOL InOrder Process Mapping for a More Successful Epicor ERP Implementation

Epicor ERP ImplementationThis week on the blog we’ve been discussing the various educational and training resources available from Epicor to help companies get the most out of their Epicor ERP implementation, such as Epicor University and Epicor Knowledge Mentor. Tying everything together is workflow and business process flow chart software from Epicor partner XSOL.

XSOL InOrder is like using Visio to create flow charts but it’s a whole lot more than that. XSOL InOrder is an optional module for Epicor ERP but we personally feel that XSOL is required to ensure a Successful Epicor ERP Implementation.

From XSOL, you can link directly to Epicor ERP tasks. You can also link to Knowledge Mentor training content and resources and provide links to Epicor University (log-in required).

XSOL InOrder ensures that you have clearly mapped out how your users will use Epicor once you cut-over on completion of the initial Epicor ERP implementation. It’s also there as your business needs change so you can redesign workflows to adapt to new features available in Epicor. InOrder allows you to change workflow for new modules or third party products, and implementation of new features within the system as you take advantage of more sophisticated features. To make the processes even easier, there are over 50 learning videos for XSOL InOrder so you can see the full power of their workflow and process management software.

XSOL InOrder replicates the structure and components of business in a model that drills down to individual staff roles and the tasks they undertake. At the push of a button, procedural details in the form of numbers, text, tables, images documents, and videos can be added to the structure. The model’s content can then be deployed to your Intranet as a Web or Word document. Any subsequent changes you make can be republished instantly to the applicable parties involved with the process. Because XSOL is a model, when updating processes the user only needs to make a change in one place. XSOL automatically updates all affected areas and shows where the change might create a problem.

XSOL InOrder Processing Epicor ERP

Other Epicor ERP Implementation Services & Resources

In addition to working with an experienced Epicor consulting firm, you can take advantage of aother services offered by Epicor to help you implement the software and continue to adapt to changes in your business. Some of these ancilary services include a personalized Epicor ERP Process Review to discover if there are gaps in your existing workflow or new areas of the application that you could or should be using.

The Epicor ERP Process Review is ideal for companies that have acquired new businesses, divested business units, expanded into new markets or geographies, added more users or modules, upgraded to new versions of Epicor ERP, or companies that are struggling with compliance-related requirements for quality, customers, suppliers, vendor managed inventories, request for quotes, return merchandize authorization, and other specialized business processes. Epicor also offers Lean Certification and Data Migration and Upgrade Services as well as Infrastructure Review and Best Practice consulting services.

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Summary: Epicor University, Epicor Knowledge Mentor, and Epicor’s XSOL InOrder products and services work together to enable businesses to get the most out of their ERP investment. It is ideal for companies Planning for a Successful Move to Epicor ERP or for existing customers who want to document their processes and implement best practices in their business.

Further, all three tools are part of Epicor’s Signature Implementation Methodology to ensure a successful Epicor ERP implementation for a smooth initial go-live and continued expanded use of more advanced features, new modules, and third party solutions.

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Epicor ERP Implementation

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