Accounts receivable management for Epicor ERP

collections for epicor erpIn the year following the implementation Accounts receivable management for Epicor ERP, Systems Maintenance Services (SMS), a global provider of IT and Managed services, reduced their days sales outstanding (DSO) by 40%, they get money to the bank almost one full month faster, they are more efficient when it comes to their accounts receivable activities, and most impressively, in 2012 they collected more money than they invoiced!

how did they do it?

By implementing Accounts receivable management for Epicor ERP. SMS capitalized on the benefits found in the use of collections for Epicor ERP including

Key Benefits
 Reduce Days Sales Outstanding (DSO)
 Improve collections efficiencies
 Standardize corporate collection messaging
 Reduce outstanding receivables
 Streamline and automate communications
 Minimize credit risks and bad debt write-offs

having collections for Epicor ERP is like having the Epicor collections module that you always wished was available to help you streamline your a/r collections activities. Deployed via the Internet as a cloud application, Epicor collection professionals are provided with:

    • Rules for building work queues for collection representatives
    • Automated customer communications via mass email
    • Seamlessly integrated collections for Epicor ERP accounting software
    • Collections letters and best practices for Epicor collections
    • Epicor collections reports and business intelligence
    • Reduced days sales outstanding (DSO)
    • Improved collection efficiency

With users located all over the world. Epicor Cash Collect Accounts receivable management for Epicor ERP will help you collect what’s owed to you in less time, and with less hassle.


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