CRM comparison: ACT! vs. Sugar CRM

ACT! vs. Sugar CRM. On the surface this seems like a tough decision, but once you have the facts we think you will find it to be easier than you initially thought it would be. This webinar, “ACT! vs. Sugar CRM — Sugar Features That ACT Users will Love” compares the two solutions and gets into the details to help you make the right choice for your company. Watch a recording of our webinar as we explain a few of the Sugar features ACT! Users will fall head over heels for.

Sugar is a cloud based solution that joins marketing, sales, and customer service into one easy to use, highly customizable package that can be deployed anytime, anywhere. ACT! On the other hand is an on-premise solution that is better known for contact management capabilities and is very basic in comparison to Sugar when it comes to additional features. During this webinar we will get into that and much more, topics to be discussed include:

• Price
• Storage
• Integration features
• Deployment method
• Mobile Access
• And many more.


ACT! vs. Sugar CRM

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