All I want for Christmas Is Cloud CRM: Report Forecasts Growth for Cloud CRM

As are only days away from Thanksgiving it becomes easier to think about Christmas (although it is not time to break out the chrismas music and lights yet!), and CRM buyers have spoken up about what is on their list according to a report from Software Advice. This report also backs up Gartner’s report stating that Cloud Computing and Modern CRM System Investments will Drive Growth of IT Budgets in 2013 & 2014.

As the report illustrates, some companies are still up in the air about which deployment method they will choose, but of those who have made a choice, a majority of them have decided Cloud CRM is right for them. Which makes it easy to estimate that the rest will soon follow. As stated above, cloud CRM is at the top of the list. Although only half of the respondents had yet to make their choice between premise and cloud solutions, it is safe to assume that many of those yet to decide will end up going with the cloud. How can I guess with confidence? Because 50% of the respondents were ready to make their deployment choice…of that 50% a huge portion of them, 48%, said they will go with cloud CRM…only 2% are planning to deploy on premise.

Another interesting fact from the report stated that 68% had never used a CRM system and are using spreadsheets, paper notes, and other systems to help them handle their customer relationships. Many companies use ERP to handle their customer relationships, but ERP and CRM systems are not interchangeable and using them as such can seriously hinder your relationships and result in the loss of customers, prospects, and a dip in your bottom line.

Why do these companies want CRM software? According to the report, many customers are unhappy with their current system and are looking for benefits in new systems such as:
• Improved efficiency
• More advanced features
• Integration
• Better upgrade cycles.

Top features that buyers are looking for include:
• Contact management
• Note taking ability
• Reporting/analytics.

Why are those features so imporant to buyers?

Because they “need an automated and centralized system to allow our marketing team to be more productive,” according to one respondent, or because they “want to manage the sales process better and improve our ability to nurture leads.”

You can read the full report here

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