An Introduction to Sage ERP X3 Quality Control Processes

Sage ERP X3 Quality Control ProcessesControlling the quality of product can be a high priority within an organization. This is especially true of manufacturers in the food and beverage industry, Pharmaceuticals, and other verticals where quality control impacts compliance and safety as well as brand reputation, customer satisfaction, and sales.  Sage ERP X3 offers functionality to allow for separation and inspection of products by providing control processes within the system. Learn the basics of the Sage ERP X3 quality control processes below.

Three stock status codes are used for identifying the product status:

A = Accepted

Q – Quality

R – Rejected

Additional sub-status codes may be created, but the first character must be A, Q or R relating to the primary status.

The quality process can be built in X3 by creating a Technical Sheet.  The Technical Sheet defines the list of questions to be answered when working within the quality control process.  For instance, when receiving a product, the system may be configured to place the product in a status of Q (Quality), then use the Technical Sheet to ask questions prior to moving the product into a status of A (Acceptable).

Below is an example of a Technical Sheet with questions relating to hazardous products.

The questions to be included in the technical sheet are also defined in Sage ERP X3.

And, the list of responses can be built in Sage ERP X3 so a selection list can be assigned to the question.

Based on the setup of Sage ERP X3, the Quality Control process may be called, such as when receiving stock, when a lot-controlled product has reached its expiration date, etc.

Upon completion of the quality control process, the status of product can change from Q (in quality) to A (Accepted) for release to further activity within Sage ERP X3, or to R (Rejected) for appropriate action.

As you can see, the Quality Control processes within Sage ERP X3 are configurable, flexible, and easy to use. Have questions? Contact one of our Sage ERP X3 consultants and they would be happy to answer any questions you have about using the  Sage ERP X3 quality control processes or other areas of the system.

This was just a basic overview of the Sage ERP X3 quality control processes, there is a lot more to know. For more information, visit our resource library where you’ll find more product information, spec sheets, demos, testimonials, case studies, and more. Click below to enter.
Sage ERP X3 Quality Control Processes

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