ARC Study Reports Cloud ERP is Gaining Popularity in Larger Companies

cloud EROERP might have been late join in the cloud computing trend, but according to ARC’s recent study, “ERP in the Cloud Global Market Research Study” now that it is here, cloud ERP is gaining popularity and growing beyond its roots in smaller businesses.

Currently, the study reports, over sixty percent of cloud ERP is being used in small-to-medium sized businesses (SMB’s). this popularity in SMB’s stems from the fact that these companies see a huge benefit in cost savings, elimination of capital costs, less of an investment in internal IT resources and staff, and others. The report also says that this is about to change and the trend of cloud computing in larger enterprises has begun and should pick up steam.

Now that the larger companies have seen the benefits SMB’s have been seeing in cloud ERP, they have begun to make their move to the cloud. The report states,  “While the SMBs have benefited the most from Cloud ERP to date, it is about to go ‘up town’ into Tier 2 and Tier 1 companies across a wide spectrum of industries”.  Additionally the report stated that while cloud ERP will become more common in the larger companies, SMB’s will still be the largest user base and adopters of cloud computing.

  See the original report here

ERP on the cloud

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