Is Your Business Ready For the Cloud?

Technology patterns track much quicker today than previously. At the point when the phone first made an appearance, it took 75 years to get 50 million people to embrace it. It took 13 years for that same number of people to grasp TV. The Internet took just four years. The Angry Birds cell phone app? 35 days.
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The Ripple Effect of the Marketplace Fairness Act (MFA)

Marketplace Fairness Act2015 flew by with no federal action on remote sales tax. There were three new bills of remote sales tax legislation passed around the hill, however the subject wasn’t an action item for lawmakers. And yet, it’s an issue that can’t be ignored given action at the state level.
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4 Must-have Management Participants in Manufacturing ERP Selection

manufacturing ERPWhether you’re searching for a process manufacturing ERP system or a discrete manufacturing ERP system, selecting a manufacturing ERP system is a long and complex task with many areas to slip up and create problems such as scope creep, low user adoption, and a poorly selected system. To avoid these and other problems, make sure you have these four members of your management team on the selection committee.
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HRMS Software Vendor Selection

HRMS softwareAs with any software project, selecting the right HRMS software vendor is just as important as selecting the right solution; and there are many to choose from. The relationship between a software vendor and an organization like yours must be a harmonious one, where both parties are contributing value to one another in order to reach a common goal- a successful implementation and ongoing software use.
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Convincing the Corner Office to Invest in an ERP Project

ERP projectThere are many, many important steps that go along with an ERP project but the first step must be to get approval from the company CEO/owner. Whether it entails ERP upgrade, migration, or the implementation of your company’s first ERP system, it is important to approach the conversation from the right angle. Sure, you have your reasons for wanting to start the project, but unless you can present it in such a way that shows upper management how it will help the company as a whole, you may not get the approval you need to move forward. Here are a few tips to help you outline your talking points.
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5 Ways to Extend Legacy ERP Software for Just a Little Longer

ERP software

As an ERP consulting company we preach the importance of relevant and up-to-date software, but we also know the expenses related to updating legacy ERP software systems and understand that the time is not always right. So if you plan to make a move but need to hold out just a little bit longer due to budget or resource constraints, here are a few ways to squeeze extra time and functionality out of your current system until you’re ready to begin a larger ERP software project.
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Is Legacy ERP Software Holding You Back?

Legacy ERP It is a commonly accepted fact that companies typically hold on to an ERP system anywhere from 5-10 years, but there are many companies who are using software that is even older. If you’re one of them, you may be shooting yourself in the foot. ERP upgrades or ERP migrations can be time consuming and costly, but they’re worth the investment and much more affordable than the cost of doing nothing. Here are a few ways your legacy ERP may be limiting your businesses’ success and growth.
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Our Top 5 Most Popular ERP Blogs of 2015

ERP blogs2016 has arrived but before we get too far into the New Year, let’s take a moment and look back on some of our most popular content from 2015. We’ve published hundreds of blogs over the past year about ERP best practices, specific ERP systems, third-party add-ons, HR software, business intelligence, ERP implemenation, and much more, so we don’t blame you if you didn’t read them all. To help you catch up, we’ve compiled our most visited ERP blogs of the past year so you can begin 2016 with our most popular tips, tricks, tools, and best practices to grow your business. Continue reading

It’s Almost 1099 Season. What’s Your Resolution?

January is around the corner — and you’re not looking forward to managing 1099s as 2016 starts.  Every year, new Form 1099 reporting requirements are added, making it a headache to keep up. Frustrated and overworked? Not how we want you to start the New Year.  That’s why our New Year’s resolution is to make it easier for you. We’re working with our partner, Avalara, to help you automate and streamline the 1099 process and we’ve got some great resources for you to use below:
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Content Round Up: Most popular ERP Tools & Resources of 2015

From ERP system selection to supply chain management, add-on solutions, software best practices, industry trends, and more much, we’ve talked about a huge variety of topics over the past yea. We know you can’t get to them all, so we decided to save you the search and round up our most popular enterprise software tools and resources from 2015. Here they are, beginning with our most popular download at the top.

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Human Resource Management System Request for Proposal (RFP)

human resource management systemWe’ve been talking a lot about implementing a human resource management system recently; how to evaluate systems, choose a vendor, increase user adoption, etc., and one of the final points of discussion  is the benefit of using a request for proposal (RFP) as a part of your final system selection process.

This can be a time consuming document to pull together, but it can also be incredibly helpful as you compare and contrast system functionality as well as vendor capabilities. An RFP can be as short or as long as you’d like, but the more detailed you get the more confident you will be in your final selection. Here are the most common elements of a basic HR software RFP and a template to help you create one faster.
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ERP Migration and Your Data: Crucial Considerations

ERP migrationNo matter why you’re making the move to a new ERP system, making sure you’re data is ready for the move is crucial to a successful transition. An ERP migration allows you a fresh start to improve your data and the way you manage it for a more efficient and effective business, and more productive employees; approach it without carefully considering the following points, and you may wind up doing the exact opposite.
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ERP Software Comparison – Sage 100, Sage 500, Sage X3, and Epicor ERP

ERP Software Comparison ERP comparison is an important part of any ERP selection project to determine which solution is best for your business. Our company represents four different leading ERP solutions from Sage and Epicor and they all present a solid technology and accounting foundation for any business across industries; but there are a few differences that must be considered as you make your final ERP selection. For example, there are differences between products taking into account third party and OEM applications, scalability, vertical functionality, workflow, and other factors.  Watch the recorded webinar below to learn how to dissect these various factors to choose your best-fit solution.
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