Sage 500 ERP for Automotive Manufacturing

An Automotive Supply Chain solution is available from e2b teknologies for distributors and manufacturers of parts to tier one automotive manufacturers. Automotive manufacturers are similar to other manufacturers but must comply with electronic trading requirements specified by their large automotive and heavy truck customers. These EDI mandates have forced many companies to implement or stay on antiquated ERP applications that support their customer requirements but offer very little competitive advantage in other areas of the application.

Sage 500 ERP is one of the few ERP products built on 100% Microsoft technologies with available functionality to support automotive suppliers conducting in-bound and out-bound EDI with customers and vendors. Unlike other canned ERP solutions that interface to third party EDI translators, Sage 500 ERP provides a true integration of ERP and EDI. EDI is maintained natively for customers, vendors and inventory items. EDI transactions are processed through Blanket Purchase Orders and Blanket Sales Orders. The MRP system considers in-bound customer forecasts for planning and can generate outbound vendor forecasts as well.

Supported EDI transactions include inbound and outbound line sequence (866), planning forecasts (830), and line sets (862). Additionally, customers can transmit customer ASN, Purchase Order, and Invoice documents. Production may be entered for cells or assembly lines through the e2b teknologies Batch Process Production Entry task or back-flushed using Production Entry. VIN numbers and serialized items are tracked from receipt through production.

Further, Kanban Replenishment can be automated to manage bin-level replenishment for fasteners, hardware, and other items consumed on the production line or shop floor. MRP supports the creation of planned orders which can be sent via EDI to downstream suppliers for purchased raw materials. Supplier forecasts can include VIN sequencing and additional production and inventory information. There is more information available in the Automotive & Repetitive User Guide.

Download our Sage 500 ERP owners manual to learn more about  automotive manufacturing and Sage 500 ERP

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