Avoiding ERP Migration Failure: 5 mistakes to avoid during ERP migration.

>No matter the reason for your move to a new system, ERP migration can provide you with an opportunity for a fresh start and to equip your company with a neat and clean ERP system that will give you a competitive advantage and drive your business forward. On the flip side of that, there are just as many ways to accidently turn things the other way around; these mistakes will hinder your employee’s performance and hurt your bottom line. Don’t carry your bad habits from your old system into your new one!
Here are 5 common mistakes and why you should avoid them during ERP migration:

1. If your employees have ignored data entry standards or if such standards were never laid out- your system will be chalk full of inconsistency, errors, repeat data, and many other frustrations. The number one thing you need to do? Before you move to your new system come up with a plan for cleaning your data before you muck up the sparkly new one!

Option 1: clean up the data in the legacy system before moving it
Option 2: clean your data on its way out of the old and into the new.

2. If you are moving to a new system because of your disastrous data- ask yourself if you clean data would solve your problems. If clean data is all you need to fix your reporting and automated processes you can save yourself a ton of money by just cleaning it up and sticking with your old system.

3. Training is always important no matter how long your employees have been in the game. If you are moving to a new system everyone is back at square one. Be sure to have continuous training programs in place to keep everyone up on the current version of your system.

4. When was the last time you spoke to your ERP vendor? If it was when you signed your contract then you need to get in contact with them before you migrate and take advantage of that support you are paying for but never use! Chances are, your ERP vendor has seen your problems before and they can and will help you before you spend time and money moving to a new system.

5. No ERP system out there will fill every one of your needs but luckily there are plenty of third-party solutions available to fill the holes. Choosing the right solution is key to keeping your data clean. If your third-party solution doesn’t cleanly integrate with your ERP system, you may want to reconsider one that will sync back and forth and cuts back on data reentry.

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