The Benefits of a B2B Ecommerce Storefront

Increasingly, customers wants to be able to do everything online, from their Friday night carry-out dinner to the products they use every day for their business. This means that even businesses want to be able to search online for the products they need to buy and also make the purchase right then. This type of convenience could be the deciding factor between your business and a competitor, which is one benefit of having a B2B ecommerce storefront.

Below we list 5 other benefits of having a B2B ecommerce storefront for your business.

  1. Sales Tax and Shipping
    Most customers would not be happy if they expected to pay one price for an item and then, after the checkout, realize they had been charged additional money for sales tax and shipping. These numbers need to be apparent to them before their credit card information is entered. B2B ecommerce storefronts automate the sales tax cost and shipping costs for the customer before the checkout has commenced.
  2. Credit Card Processing
    One of the most important aspects of a B2B ecommerce storefront is the ability of the customer to pay with their credit card right there and then. It not only makes the customer’s life easier because they can immediately purchase a product, but it makes your life easier because there will be no further invoicing or accounts receivable processing.
  3. Online Catalog
    The customer wants to be able to see all their options. They don’t want to have to call in to see what is available. A B2B ecommerce storefront automatically updates with stock information for customers to see and has every item tagged for easy customer searches.
  4. Customer Account History
    An account history for each customer is available for sales reps in the B2B ecommerce storefront so that you can place orders for them, keep track of what is selling best and keep track of what your best customers are placing orders for.
  5. Easily Maintainable
    We are not all web developers and cannot all code a webpage. A B2B ecommerce storefront should be easily maintainable by anyone in the company who need to. You should be able to manage all your content and items without having to hire and extra IT employee.

In our “we need it now” society, we need to be able to provide our customers with the quickest option for purchasing our products. Using a B2B ecommerce storefront allows you to keep your customers happy and eliminate a lot of the sales steps by allowing customers to self-serve shop and pay.

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