The Benefits of ERP Add-Ons

No ERP system will work perfectly out-of-the-box for a company, it is simply the nature of ERP. It would be practically impossible for someone to develop an ERP system that perfectly fits into every business model, every company may do things differently and need a solution to support that. This is why ERP add-ons exist. ERP add-ons give more functionality to an ERP system that otherwise would not have existed in it before.

There are a couple benefits that users will find when they start using ERP add-ons:

The average life-span on an ERP system is 10 years. At this point, a company will have either grown to the point that the ERP system can’t keep up, or the system will become outdated technologically. This is one place where ERP add-ons work. ERP add-ons can extend the life of ERP by giving functionality that the system couldn’t have given before. Imagine you’re a company that previously only sold locally, but you have grown big enough that you are now selling in multiple states and can’t keep up with the sales tax rules state-by-state. Instead of finding a brand new ERP system that can, you can purchase an ERP add-on that will automate it for you.

ERP add-ons also can give you the functionality of an industry specific system, while allowing you the big name brand. Say you are a construction company that wants to purchase a more well-known ERP system for the support that vendor can give you and the wider options you have with consultants and customization. You can get that system and then purchase ERP add-ons to help manage liens and other construction specific necessities.

Some ERP Add-ons We Love:

There are tons of different ERP add-ons on the market that do a million different things, but here are a few that we love and represent.

Anytime Collect: The collections and accounts receivable systems in ERP are never powerful enough or automated enough. Anytime Collect automates invoices, past due notices, collection letters and allows you to keep better tabs on your customer communications, getting you paid 20 percent faster.

Anytime 500: Remember how ERP add-ons can extend the life of your ERP? Anytime 500 is the perfect example. It gives more functionality to manufacturers using Sage 500 ERP with cost modeling, enhanced inventory, sales forecasting and a lot more.

Altec Doc-Link: Keeping everything on paper is proving to be one of the quickest way to waste money in a company. Doc-link is a document management system that keeps everything organized, allows you to work remotely and has an instant ROI.

Avalara: If you’re selling in multiple states, it is practically impossible to keep track of all the different sales tax rules, not to mention they are constantly changing. Missing one= hefty fines. Avalara keeps track of them for you and automates the sales tax process.

BI360: Simply put, BI360 business intelligence software makes sense of all of your data. Once you start using these add-ons you’re going to want to pull all the data from all the solutions into one place in order to actually put it to good use and start using it.

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