Becoming a data-driven organization | Business Activity Monitoring with KnowledgeSync

KnowledgeSync, a leader in Business Activity Monitoring, presents “Becoming a data-driven organization”

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Business Activity Monitoring  is a challenge for any size business.  Reliance on “gut feel” tends to drive most business decisions.  Decisions which are vital to the success of your business.  Join us to learn more about how  KnowledgeSync  can give you real-time insight into business indicators that warrant your attention.

A “data-driven” organization is one in which your business data pro-actively presents you with insight into indicators that warrant a logical business decision.  Your ERP application contains data that can tell you a lot about your business.  Things that are happening.  And . . . things that aren’t happening, such as:

• Key customers who have changed their purchasing habits
• Customers with invoices coming up for payment and/or overdue invoices
• Orders with unapproved discounts
• Selling significantly fewer items of product “x” month-over-month, quarter-over-quarter, etc.
• Inventory items approaching their re-order level

KnowledgeSync Business Activity Monitoring is a powerful tool that can help automatically identify critical business conditions and tell you not only that a decision needs to be made, but can often tell you what that decision should be.  Combining powerful data mining, alerts/notifications, automated report distribution and workflow to identify and respond to critical business conditions, KnowledgeSync  helps give your ERP data a “voice” ensuring that your organization becomes data-driven.

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