Creating the “Super Fan” With Sports Management Software

Our country loves sports, there is no doubt about that. Kids start playing sports as young as three years old, families gather around televisions to watch a game of their favorite sport and people are willing to spend hundreds of dollars to see a game in real life. Although sports amount to a billion dollar industry, there is a lot of planning that needs to go into it. Sports come and go by the season, meaning demand and cash flow for a baseball team will thrive in the spring and summer, but drop off by the fall and winter. One way to combat these planning issues are by using sports management software. Below are 4 ways the sports industry benefits from using sports management software.
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Sage Reseller and Development Partner Announces Addition of Sage CRM to Growing CRM Practice

Chardon, Ohio, May 30, 2014-Today e2b teknologies, a Sage reseller and Gold Development Partner, is excited to announce the addition of Sage CRM to the company’s CRM portfolio. With this addition to the practice,e2b teknologies now offers an integrated CRM solution for current and future Sage ERP customers, and has added a new option for customers working with other ERP systems, to help them develop stronger customer relationships, drive productivity, and accelerate sales. Continue reading

Sage 500 ERP Customer Relationship Management

Sage has changed its CRM strategy for Sage 500 ERP dramatically through the years. Early versions of Sage 500 were often integrated to the leading CRM solutions available in the late 1990s and early 2000s including Pivotal, Onyx, SalesLogix, and even Seibel.

Sage later acquired Interact Commerce (ACT! and SalesLogix) and heavily promoted SalesLogix for use with Sage 500 ERP. A third party developed integration between Sage 500 ERP and SalesLogix. This integration, called Dynalink, was later acquired and sold by Sage to customers as the primary integration between the two systems. Sage replaced the Dynalink integration after Sage 500 version 7.2 with a new product called ERP Link which is the current integration tool available between Sage 500 ERP and SalesLogix. Continue reading

Sage can now Focus on Sage CRM

Article #3 of a 6 part series

Sage software has made a few strategic moves over the past years to help them narrow their foucs; Sage’s divestiture of ACT! and SalesLogix allows them to focus on development and sales of Sage CRM, a product initially developed by eWare Ltd., an Irish software developer acquired by Accpac in 2002. Continue reading

Sage CRM by Sage Software

e2b teknologies is a certified reseller and consulting organization for Sage Software products, including Sage CRM. Optimized for small and medium businesses, Sage CRM manages critical sales and marketing and customer service activities. With Sage CRM you can make the most of sales opportunities, deliver excellent customer service, and identify and target the right people from a marketing standpoint. Plus, with its advanced customization capabilities, Sage CRM is designed to adapt to the way you do business, whether it’s done on-site or lounging by the poolside from your smartphone or tablet.