Save Time and Increase Efficiencies with ERP for HVAC Contractors

Krier & Blain, Inc. upgrade to Sage 100 ERP for HVAC contractors

In Sioux Falls, South Dakota, HVAC systems are critical to ensure everyone remains comfortable in the sweltering summer heat and wicked winter winds; but the companies who install HVAC systems need to make sure their internal operations are fully supported so they can keep their customers comfortable. This is where Krier & Blain, Inc. began to run into trouble and why they made the choice to upgrade their ERP system to Sage 100 ERP. Continue reading

Vapor Recovery Equipment Manufacturer Automates A/R Management in Epicor ERP and Reduces DSO by 51%

Chardon, Ohio, May 08, 2014-  e2b teknologies, publishers of Epicor Cash Collect, accounts receivable management automation for Epicor ERP, announced today the success of a new customer in the Environmental Services Industry.  With the help of Epicor Cash Collect, the customer has replaced manual accounts receivable activities and significantly reduced Days Sales Outstanding.

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Global Mining Equipment Manufacturer Getman Corporation Selects e2b enterprise and Epicor 9 ERP

 Chardon, Ohio, March, 25, 2012 – Today, e2b enterprise (, a division of e2b teknologies announced that a global mining equipment company recently selected e2b enterprise and Epicor 9 ERP to replace the company’s ERP business application.  The Corporation operates on six different continents as a global supplier and equipment manufacturer for the mining industry and offers customer specific solutions along with explosive chargers, utility vehicles, coal equipment, and other products for the underground mining industry.

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Wiseco Piston Boosts Performance with Sage 500 ERP

wiseco pistons

Going Faster definitely depends on superior pistons. Clyde Wiseman couldn’t find reliable pistons for his race boats, so he experimented with making them himself. Six decades later, his company, Wiseco Piston, Inc., is now a world leader in high-performance aftermarket pistons, supplying NASCAR, AMA Racing, NHRA Drag Racing, motorcycle, snowmobile, personal watercraft, and even vintage aircraft racers around the globe. Continue reading

Molded Fiber Glass Companies Reinforce Enterprise Business Systems with e2b teknologies and Sage 500 ERP

e2b teknologies customer success sage 500 ERP Molded Fiber Glass

Molded Fiber Glass (MFG) has a long and storied history. MFG was founded in Ashtabula, Ohio in 1948 by Robert S. Morrison, a pioneer in fiber glass reinforced plastics (FRP). He made significant contributions and achieved accomplishments in the mass production of fiber glass techniques. MFG today remains a privately owned and managed company. Current President/CEO Richard S. Morrison is responsible for corporate headquarters and its sixteen subsidiaries in the United States and Mexico.

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e2b teknologies Re-Energizes ERP Implementation at AETI

e2b teknologies re-energizs ERP for AETICompanies who fail to reinvent themselves die. That’s not the case for Houston-based AETI (NASDAQ: AETI). AETI was born in the oil and gas industry but it saw itself as a supplier of a larger energy market and transformed itself into a global leader of electrical products and services for oil and gas and renewal energy suppliers as well as marine and industrial customers. Continue reading

e2b teknologies provides an “Encore” Performance for Starz Entertainment

Offering 16 premium movie channels with a combined 50 million subscribers, Starz Entertainment (NASDAQ: LSTZA) is in a galaxy all its own in the television and film industry.

Starz Entertainment, a subsidiary of Liberty Capital Group, is known for lighting up living rooms across the world with the STARZ, Encore, and MoviePlex Networks, which it proudly provides on demand and in high definition. Along with these networks, which air more than 1,000 movies and original series monthly, Starz Entertainment provides hundreds of their hit movies and shows for Online viewing through partnerships with broadband affiliates. Continue reading

Helical Products Chooses e2b teknologies and Anytime Collect for Out-Of-This-World Flexibility

Helical Products machined springs and flexible couplings are found almost everywhere – from long-range naval missiles to baseball pitching machines, from bone saws to oil wells. And those are just a few places they’re found here on Earth. Helical supplied critical parts to the International Space Station and others that went to Mars on the Mars Rover.
“Because of the important roll our products serve in these systems, whether they are purchasing 100 products or 1000 products, our customers depend on a high-quality product being delivered on-time and to the right place- every time,” explains Helical Vice President of Technology David Palmerston. Continue reading

Electronics Distributor Archbrook Laguna Meets e2b enterprise at the “Crossroads” for Custom Integration Services

If you’ve ever ordered electronics online from,,, or other major online retailers then there’s a very good chance that Archbrook Laguna was the company responsible for fulfilling your order.  However, there would be nothing about the ordering process, packaging, or post- delivery customer services that would indicate Archbrook Laguna’s presence because they execute the process conforming to very specific vendor specifications – and it all appears just as it would if it was coming from the company you ordered the product from. Continue reading