SugarCRM Honored for Excellence in CRM and Sales Force Automation

SugarCRMSugarCRM, one of the market’s fastest growing and most innovative CRM companies, continues to gain industry recognition with honors in 5 different categories of the 2014 CRM Market Awards. Additionally, one of the company’s customers earned the 2014 CRM Elite award for their use of SugarCRM and the impressive ROI they’ve gained since implementation.
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8 Reasons to Switch from Spreadsheets to CRM for Sales Management

Excel is a great tool, but it can’t do everything- No matter how many different excel equations you know! Managing sales leads is critical to the profitability of your company. If you don’t manage those leads properly, they won’t convert and you will have wasted significant time, money, and resources marketing and bringing in those leads, only to lose them due to unsophisticated software.  Here are 8 reasons it’s time to ditch the spreadsheets and implement CRM for sales management. Continue reading

4 Ways to Calculate CRM Software ROI

CRM software ROIHow do you know if your CRM software is providing you with the benefits you hoped it would? Specifically how do you know if you are seeing the ROI you hoped for? For other investments ROI is more obvious, CRM makes things a bit more difficult but it’s not impossible to do. Seeing your CRM software ROI requires looking at more than just the numbers, you have to look at the non-financial aspects too. Below are four considerations to get you started: Continue reading

CRM for Distribution Companies- Those Who Don’t Already Have it are Ready to Buy

“What are my peers doing?”  When a company wants to ensure they’re keeping up with the competition, this is always A questions they should ask themselves. If other companies in your industry are finding success with a certain software or strategy, it’s likely that you can too. The popularity of CRM for distribution companies is rising; according to a recent industry study, more than half of distribution companies are already using CRM and those who do not current use it have begun to line themselves up to join the rest of the crowd. Continue reading

Forrester Reports Most Common Causes of CRM Implementation Failure

According to Forrester research, we have entered “the age of the customer.” What this means is that in order to remain competitive, companies need to focus on customer experiences and satisfaction more intensely than ever before. According to Forrester, there are two things that companies need to work on in order to enhance customer relationships:

  • Developing a deep knowledge of the customer and their businesses
  • Consistent and meaningful engagement with the customer

Customer relationship management (CRM) software was designed to help companies do exactly that; but the selection and CRM implementation process is what will make or break your overall strategy. Forrester recently surveyed more than 500 professionals who have been directly involved with a CRM project in the last 36 months. The survey uncovers their most common frustrations and failures so you can learn from them and apply it to your future CRM project (s). The major findings are summarized below: Continue reading

How is SugarCRM Different from 3 Key Distinctions

SugarCRMFor a long time, Salesforce has been a leader in the CRM industry, but since coming onto the scene about 10 years ago, SugarCRM has been taking the industry by storm and chipping away at the’s market share. So how are these two CRM systems different and why is Sugar the fastest growing CRM system on the market? Among other small differences, there are three key differences between Sugar and Salesforce: Continue reading

CRM Price Comparison: TCO Analysis of Popular CRM Systems

CRM Price Comparison
In the world of enterprise software, hidden fees are notorious for driving up total cost of ownership, one of the main decision factors of system selection.  CRM systems are no stranger to hidden fees so If TCO is an important consideration during your CRM price comparison and subsequent selection, seeking out each and every cost, hidden or otherwise, is extremely important if you’d like to avoid paying more than you budgeted for. Continue reading

SugarCRM Workflow Management

Proper Utilization and Setup of SugarCRM Workflows

SugarCRM Workflow ManagementYou run a business, and your success relies on a series of processes. You have several processes that manage your marketing, your sales, and more. The more automation you can bring to these processes, the more proficient and consistent your business will be. SugarCRM’s strong workflows allow you to define triggers off any field in any module, and then automatically send alerts or run actions based on these triggers. Continue reading

SugarCRM and Marketo integration for Enhanced CRM and Marketing Automation

In a recent press release, SugarCRM, providers of the industry leading customer relationship management solution, announced the company’s integration with Marketo marketing automation software. The collaboration of these two innovative companies provides users with a powerful tool to optimize their lead-to-cash process by linking CRM and marketing automation. Of the integration SugarCRM Co-founder and CTO said, “With our Marketo integration, we’re now providing a unique closed-loop, deeply integrated lead-to-cash process that businesses of all sizes will find invaluable.”

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How to Track ‘Lead Source’ with SugarCRM Lead Forms

Creating a Hidden ‘Lead Source’ in SugarCRM Web-To-Lead Forms & Building a Report off of Lead Source

lead source with SugarCRM lead formSugarCRM has several powerful inbound marketing capabilities, but it’s a matter of knowing how to use them. One such capability is the ability to track a ‘lead source’ in the SugarCRM web-to-lead form. The idea is that when you link to a landing page, you have a hidden ‘lead source’ field embedded in your form to track where the lead came from. You can then build a report off of this field to see which sources are generating the most leads. This article will cover adding a hidden ‘lead source’ field to a SugarCRM web-to-lead form, and then reporting off of this field. Continue reading

SugarCRM Features List

SugarCRM featuresSugarCRM Features and Edition Comparison

SugarCRM is a full CRM suite, with features that cover as many capabilities as enterprise scale solutions like SalesForce, but it comes with a smaller price-tag comparable to solutions like Zoho. Sugar has all of the tools needed for sales, marketing, support, social CRM, mobile CRM, email integration, reporting, project & activity management, and more. Click this link for the full SugarCRM features list. Continue reading

SugarCRM App for iPhone and Android

SugarCRM AppSugar Mobile: The SugarCRM App for iPhone and Android Phones

CRM solutions are ideal for the sales rep. They automate sales processes and allow reps to log their notes and pull up account records. That’s why, if your sales reps are mobile, your CRM solution needs to be mobile too. The SugarCRM app for iPhone and Android phones, Sugar Mobile, is the perfect answer to an actively mobile sales force. Continue reading

The SugarCRM Support Module

Providing Customer Support from Sugar’s Built in Modules

SugarCRM Support ModuleSugarCRM comes out-of-the-box with support modules to help your support staff better serve your customers. Whether you’re providing customer support from a help desk, call center, or social media, Sugar provides the tools you need to respond to customer issues quickly and efficiently. Continue reading

e2b teknologies Welcomes New ERP and CRM Consulting Practice Manager

e2B_ent_highrese2b teknologies, providers of ERP, CRM, and other business software solutions for distribution, manufacturing, and service organizations, today announced the appointment of Mary Jo Mahood as the company’s new CRM and ERP Practice Manager. Continue reading

SugarCRM Google Maps Tool

Sugar GoogleMapsEmbedding Google Maps into Your SugarCRM Records

Embedding Google Maps into your SugarCRM system will allow you to easily pull up mapped locations of the accounts in your system. This tool performs a search on the address fields in your accounts module and sends a query to Google – so that their location is populated on a map right in the record. This allows you to not only pull up a quick map of your customers and accounts, but getting directions is just one click from your CRM. Continue reading