December ERP Webinars & Live ERP Demonstrations

Join e2b teknologies and our partners for a month of webinars covering ERP/Accounting software best practices and live demonstrations. These are can’t-miss webinars for any business evaluating new ERP solutions or looking to optimize their current system. Take a look at the schedule, read webinar descriptions, and Register below!

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Sage HRMS Demo – How to Automate HR with Sage HRMS

sage hrms demoWhat makes a business successful? A lot of factors play into the overall success of a business, but nothing is more important than people. Without the people who come up with ideas, put them into action, build relationships, and manage the many other activities that drive the success of your business, you’re not going to have much of a business at all.  Just having people employed in a business isn’t enough though, you have to manage people efficiently and cost effectively to maximize their success and employee return on investment (ROIE). Learn more in the Sage HRMS demo below.
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Upcoming Webinar Highlights The Benefits of Automated HR Management

Industry research shows that more than 50% of a human resources department’s time is spent processing employee information and answering questions. Implementing human resources management software eliminates much of the routine paperwork associated with HR.

Join e2b and Sage HRMS for a webinar to learn more about automated HR processes and how they can help your organization save money, increase employee ROI, attract top talent, and more.

Webinar Date: Thursday, April 30, 2015 — this webinar has been held, but you can watch the recording here!

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Upcoming Webinar: Paperless Enterprise 2.0-The Case for Enterprise Content Management Software

Enterprise Content Management SoftwareDid you know that most businesses have horrible inefficiencies in document management? Maybe, but did you know that those inefficiencies that are silently costing most businesses about $1,250 per employee every year? Further, your employees are wasting about 150 hours annually (per employee) for time spent searching for and managing paper documents! Stop the madness, join us for a webinar.

Paperless Enterprise 2.0: Business Case for ERP-Integrated Enterprise Content Management Software

Miss the live webinar? watch the recording here!


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The Slippery Slope of Sales Tax: Get firm footing with these 8 audit-ready best practices

sales tax best practicesMitigating risk is a big part of running a business. It’s critical to protect the company against any disruption that could adversely impact operations, productivity or profit. Some tactics are obvious, like a security system and insurance policy. You hope you never need either one, but they provide piece of mind. What about a sales tax audit? Can you confidently say you take the same proactive stance to protect your business? Continue reading

Upcoming Webinar: Put Epicor A/R on Auto-Pilot and Get Paid Faster with Epicor Cash Collect

Epicor ERP is a strong solution, but it lacks automation necessary for fast and effective accounts receivable management, a critical factor in the health of a company’s cash flow. Epicor Cash Collect is a robust A/R collections management module for Epicor ERP which enhances the ERP system with the automation required to put accounts receivable on auto-pilot. Continue reading

The Secret to Archiving Emails to Sugar CRM from Your Mobile Device

archive emails to sugarcrm from mobile deviceMany SugarCRM users have tried to archive their emails from their mobile sugar app into their sugar instance but have found this to be impossible…that’s because it is. Unfortunately, users cannot archive emails to Sugar from the mobile app. fortunately, we have found a way to work around that until Sugar gives mobile users the capability to do it from the mobile app directly.

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CRM comparison: ACT! vs. Sugar CRM

ACT! vs. Sugar CRM. On the surface this seems like a tough decision, but once you have the facts we think you will find it to be easier than you initially thought it would be. This webinar, “ACT! vs. Sugar CRM — Sugar Features That ACT Users will Love” compares the two solutions and gets into the details to help you make the right choice for your company. Watch a recording of our webinar as we explain a few of the Sugar features ACT! Users will fall head over heels for. Continue reading

Accounts receivable management for Epicor ERP

collections for epicor erpIn the year following the implementation Accounts receivable management for Epicor ERP, Systems Maintenance Services (SMS), a global provider of IT and Managed services, reduced their days sales outstanding (DSO) by 40%, they get money to the bank almost one full month faster, they are more efficient when it comes to their accounts receivable activities, and most impressively, in 2012 they collected more money than they invoiced!

how did they do it?

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CRM Software Comparison: Sugar CRM vs. Salesforce

Watch The Video HereSugar CRM vs. Salesforce

CRM Software Comparison: Sugar CRM Vs. Salesforce- which one should you choose? thats a tough question, Sugar and Salesforce are among the most popular CRM solutions on the market today and there is a lot of information out there and lots of distracting language that takes away from what you really want to know, “which one is going to be the better solution for me?”  in this video we will tell you 13 reasons that Sugar CRM may be a better choice for you. Continue reading

Becoming a data-driven organization | Business Activity Monitoring with KnowledgeSync

KnowledgeSync, a leader in Business Activity Monitoring, presents “Becoming a data-driven organization”

Watch The Video Here

Business Activity Monitoring  is a challenge for any size business.  Reliance on “gut feel” tends to drive most business decisions.  Decisions which are vital to the success of your business.  Join us to learn more about how  KnowledgeSync  can give you real-time insight into business indicators that warrant your attention. Continue reading

Developing KPIs With Sugar CRM

Developing KPIs With Sugar CRM

Watch The Video HereDeveloping KPIs With Sugar CRM

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are a performance measurement used to evaluate business success. This could be overall organizational success or the success (or faikure) or one particular activity. This short video will talk about developing KPIs in SugarCRM and how you can use them to track your achievements. With SugarCRM you can collect and report on important metrics such as:

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Spotlight on EDI: Its role in the supply chain

An e2b teknologies LunchByte: 15 minute technology updates

Watch The Video Here
EDI supply chain

Join e2b teknologies and HighJump TrueCommerce EDI for 15 minutes to learn how  EDI Software can give you efficient and effective supply chain management, Some of the many benefits connecting your Supply Chain and EDI  include: Continue reading