CEO of SugarCRM Comments on The Future of CRM

SugarCRMIn a recent interview with Forbes, SugarCRM’s CEO Larry Augustin discussed his vision that CRM needs to be more than a place to store contacts and sales information for managers. With the advent of the internet and social media things in the business world are changing. A a progressive company recognizes this and makes changes to adapt to new modes of communication. CRM is no different. SugarCRM has adapted to changes in our today’ s market and produced software to help companies do the same.

According to Augustin, CRM needs to touch everyone involved in the company, from customers to support, marketing, sales, management, and everything in between. CRM should enhance the entire process and experience to make customers happier. Nobody says it better than Augustin himself so here are some of the highlights from the interview.

  • “It is ridiculous to limit CRM to sales. In my view, every clerk walking the floor of a store, every customer service rep, every repair technician, receptionists – essentially everyone that interacts with a customer should have a view of the customer provided by CRM. Through our research we believe that for every user of CRM, there are at least 25 customer-facing individuals not using CRM, but they should.”
  • “It is time for CRM to stop being so inwardly focused. Instead of sales force automation, CRM should live up to its name and start helping every single person who interacts with customers do a better job of serving them.”
  •  “Instead of just having an order history, we must seek to expand the customer record to include everything that we know about the customer. In essence, we must combine the type of customer profile that is typically used by marketers or customer service apps and include that in CRM.”
  •  “It is vital that the largest possible set of information, including external sources when possible, be used to create a more inclusive profiles to quickly reveal to users what is unique about the customer.”
  • “It’s not just about upselling, but about how to make the customer happier.”

SugarCRM is quickly gaining popularity in the CRM market, and it is Augustin’s fresh take on the subject that has shot this relatively new solution to the top of the industry and what has helped Sugar users grow their businesses, enhance customer satisfaction, and get out in front of their competition.


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