Choosing a Distribution ERP Software Vendor – Its Not Easy

Choosing an ERP solution is tough, but choosing your distribution ERP software vendor can be even harder given the many options you have. Each ERP vendor will have their fair share of pros and cons, but the best one will be the vendor who meets your needs today, can adapt to your needs in the future, knows the distribution industry, and can serve as a trusted advisor. Sounds easy enough, but many companies make mistakes which can result in disaster. Be sure to avoid these common mistakes while evaluating your distribution ERP software vendor options:

Choosing a vendor that does not have experience in distribution.

How many customers does your vendor have in the distribution industry? How many have they implemented over the years? As you know, distribution is different from other types of companies and you want someone who already knows the game, not someone you have to bring up to speed.  As you get further into your selection process, when you are making your final decisions, ask for references in the distribution industry.

Choosing a company new to the industry.

Everyone needs to get started somewhere, but do you really want it to be with you? the longer a technology company has been around, the better (in most cases).  Having been in the industry for a long time means the vendor has the past experience to help you and its safe to assume that the company will be around to support your into the future.

Forgetting about all the people involved in the process.

Sure, maybe the sales guy you spoke with knows the distribution industry like the back of his hand, but what about everyone else who will be working on the project?  Will the entire team be knowledgeable and offer suggestions and strategies on how to achieve the best possible result with your project?

Selecting a vendor that does not have a vision.

The technology world changes rapidly and constantly- is your vendor ready? You want to ensure your distribution ERP software vendor has a plan for the future and that the system will be able to change and adapt to the new trends that will inevitably arise so you can take advantage of them. Be sure to ask about their technology roadmap, their outlook on mobility and cloud computing, and other factors that will affect the solutions ability to take on future trends.

There are plenty of other mistakes that can be made during distribution ERP software vendor selection as well as during ERP system selection; we’ve written a white paper to help you get through it unscathed. Download the free white paper, here.

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