Cloud Computing and Modern CRM System Investments to Drive Growth of IT Budgets in 2013 & 2014

Gartner recently published a report stating that IT budgets will significantly increase
throughout 2013 and 2014 due to cloud computing and Modern CRM System investments.


The report states that companies are beginning to see the value in modern CRM systems and their ability to enhance customer experiences. In Today’s competitive market customer experience is everything- and modern CRM systems and new mobile and social functionality have proven themselves as driving factors in increased customer satisfaction due to better customer service.

A recent blog on CRMOutsiders named a few different reasons for an increased level of spending for CRM in coming years, crediting Mobile CRM, Cloud-based and open CRM, and the fact that older CRM systems are lacking much of what people need today- mobile capabilities, cloud access, simple customization and integration

when it comes to cloud computing, Companies are beginning to catch on- the cloud provides cost savings and other long-term benefits including:

• Reduced cost: the cost of purchasing hardware, hiring IT professionals, upgrade costs, etc related to traditional accounting software.
• Anytime, anywhere access: the cloud allows you to be in your office wherever you are
• cloud accounting software is generally subscription based and can fit your companies size and needs quite easily.
• Integration, integration, integration
• Streamlined business processes
• Rapid ROI

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