Considering A Plastics ERP Software Implementation? Think Long-Term

plastics ERPThink of the last expensive purchase you made (car, house, etc.). Did you rush into a decision without thoroughly considering the long-term effects of the purchase? Probably not, and the same decision criteria applies for selecting and implementing plastics ERP software. An ERP implementation is a very expensive process that has a major impact on the success of your business that, just like buying a house or car, requires forethought.

Often, a company will make a quick and uneducated decision on an ERP system because those who work for the company were only thinking of the short-term cost and benefits.  Usually, the system ends up failing and costing the company millions of dollars.

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Long-term ramifications are often ignored or otherwise downplayed by ERP selection teams. For instance, members of the selection team may fall in love with the functionality of a particular system and forget that other employees who are not familiar with the ERP system will be using it once the implementation process is complete.  As a result, the fact that the system is difficult to adapt to for ordinary employees who lack prior knowledge of the system may be neglected.  Thus, this short-term approach will presumably lead to a failed system selection.

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Long-term planning will help you avoid a costly mistake.  It is important to select a system that meets your needs now, but also has the flexibility and scalability to grow and change with you in the future.  Taking a long-term approach to ERP selection and implementation can help ensure the success of your system and help your company thrive with the system for years to come. Pick up more detailed  best practices in selecting and implementing plastics ERP in the white paper below.

 Rubber and Plastic Manufacturing ERP

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