CRM Selection: The Reality of Choosing the Wrong CRM System

CRM selectionThere are a number of resources out there talking about the importance of careful CRM selection. In fact, we have a number of articles that do the same. It is imporant information to have, but we realize many articles fail to tell you why you will regret choosing the wrong system. What will you see happening in your company after choosing the wrong CRM system? It is hard to grasp the importance of doing something right if you do not know what will happen if you do it wrong. So here is a short list of some of the most prevalent issues we see in companies who choose the wrong CRM system.

  • Lost Investment in outside resources. If you paid an outside team to implement or customize your CRM system you will have thrown that money away if you chose a system that just doesn’t fit your company.
  • Lower productivity. When you choose the wrong CRM system you may have to pull some of your employees away from their responsibilities to deal with the CRM implementation and issues. This can be costly when you think of the amount of time those employees will be taking away from the activities that drive business.
  • Missing out on the benefits. As noted above, the benefits of the system is why you purchased it in the first place.  After an incorrect CRM selection, you will not see that decrease in cost and increase in revenue you were hoping for or any of the other benefits associated with CRM.
  • Sinking Morale. You invested your time and money in a CRM system for all of the benefits it would give your employees, right? Your employees were probably looking forward to seeing those benefits too!  If the wrong system was chosen nobody will see those benefits and this could change employee attitudes for the worse and even hinder their productivity.
  • Not using the tools you paid for. Subscriptions for your users can add up depending on how many people in your company are using the CRM system (or not using it). Poor CRM Selection  will hurt your adoption rates and you could end up paying for subscriptions that are not being used.

Now there is the fact that you are going to need to do something about the system after choosing the wrong one.  You could modify the software you already purchased but with that comes a new set of issues regarding integrations and upgrades that can be very messy and expensive. Many companies will drop the old system and begin shopping for a new one. Either choice will be expensive but sometimes starting fresh really is the best option even though letting go of the investment of time, money, and energy from the first attempt can be tough.

If you are shopping for a new CRM system there are resources out there that will walk you through best practices and steps to help you ensure that your next CRM selection does not go sour. We have put together a white paper called, “11 CRM Practices That Executives Need to Follow” which is a guide to help you choose the right CRM system for your company. You can download it here at no cost.

CRM Selection

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