CRM Software Comparison: Sugar CRM vs. Salesforce

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CRM Software Comparison: Sugar CRM Vs. Salesforce- which one should you choose? thats a tough question, Sugar and Salesforce are among the most popular CRM solutions on the market today and there is a lot of information out there and lots of distracting language that takes away from what you really want to know, “which one is going to be the better solution for me?”  in this video we will tell you 13 reasons that Sugar CRM may be a better choice for you.

About Sugar:

Sugar is an affordable and easy to use customer relationship management (CRM) system. Its intuitive functionality helps your business communicate with prospects, track them through your sales cycle, close deals, and keep your customers happy. Sugar allows you to automate your business processes like sales, marketing, customer support, and more. Sugar is an inclusive, easily customizable, and powerful CRM system that is sure to find any business’s sweet spot.

Our Free Trial is:

  • On-demand and ready immediately
  • No credit card required and no need to install anything
  • The trial comes populated with enough demo data so you can see how Sugar can work for you

by Josh Bailey

SugarCRM comparison

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