CRM system comparison : Sugar CRM vs. SalesForce (part I)

A recent article in stated,  “Sugar presents an appearance CRM system comparisonthat has all the tools that define modern CRM offerings and more,” the article went on to say that Sugar, “is more flexible in some significant ways than, and certainly less expensive.”  After ready this article we were inspired to jump into our own investigation and dug in to do CRM system comparison of our own

This four part blog series will expand upon what we found and help you decide which CRM is better for you, Sugar or …

we found out quite a few differences during our CRM system comparison- here are the first 5:

1. Sugar CRM can be deployed anywhere. is available on the salesforce cloud and the salesforce cloud only.

not all companies want to host their software on a remote cloud. Often, customers will want to host their software on their own cloud server, or they want it on a partner’s cloud, or they want an on-premise installation to give themselves more control. With Sugar, all of these options are available.

Sugar is open source CRM that gives you the ability to deploy your software from wherever makes the most sense to your organization. Rather than restricting you to one deployment option like SalesForce, Sugar gives you options and control.

2. One of the biggest complaints about is that users are constantly bombarded with hidden fees and arbitrary limitations. Even with basic upgrades, integrations , customizations and feature enhancements, things that should cost little to no money, salesforce charges an arm and a leg for these things.

Sugar, on the other hand, is much more transparent and upfront with what you get, and even with the most basic edition of SugarCRM, you get it all. Plus, many of the customizations and integrations with SugarCRM are not only free, but they can be done easily by yourself, without sending a support request or asking an administrator of help.

3. SugarCRM is written in PHP, a pretty basic language, leaving your internal workforce the ability to make all the customizations they want, unlike Salesforce that is written in its own proprietary language.

4. Sugar CRM is open source. That means the software can be configured by anyone with a PHP background, to do virtually anything they want. Sugar users are given code level access with audit capabilities, and even with little to no coding knowledge, advanced customizations to Sugar are simple to complete. And, Sugar’s free “Community Edition” has over 11 million downloads; which means there is a sea of Sugar developers and a huge knowledge-base that use the Sugar open-forms to post any answer to questions, discuss interesting developments made to the product, and so forth. Sugar has a community that is dedicated and devoted to the software and they are constantly figuring out things that Sugar can do that no other CRM software is able to do.

Salesforce is a closed environment, with no access to any common code, and where no basic user can just hop on and make the customizations they need to drive their business goals. Instead, salesforce users have to pay large sums of money before getting the software to do what they

5. Sugar Delivers More Value. Salesforce has 5 editions, and to unlock more features and value, the user is required to upgrade to a more expensive package. The first two editions of salesfoce can’t even support any more than 5 users. If you’re on salesforce and want marketing and sales capabilities; you have to upgrade. If you want basic email campaign capabilities; upgrade. If you even want basic customer support you need to upgrade. And we’re not talking about a small, cheap upgrade, we’re talking about paying more than twice as much for a software, that will still do less, than Sugar can do at its lowest, cheapest edition package.

Sugar provides more than 95% of its features at its most basic “professional” edition. At salesforce’s most basic package, you don’t even get a quarter of what Sugar can provide. Even salesforce’s $780 annual edition offers less than Sugar’s $360 annual edition. It’s simple math, Sugar gives you more value at a much cheaper price.

Stay tuned as we continue our CRM system comparison this week.

SugarCRM comparison

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