CRM System Comparison: Sugar vs. Salesforce (Part IV) The final answer to ‘sugar crm or salesforce?’

We have covered A LOT of information in the previouse articles in this series comparing sugar and salesforce. Past topics include: user experience, mobile, social, intelligence capabilities, flexibility, data ownership, and more. This is the final article in the series, so let’s compare the cost  of sugar vs salesforce and give you our answer to the question ” should I choose sugar crm or salesforce? “

SugarCRM is affordable. There’s one price world wide for Sugar, where Salesforce charges customers a 45% premium to host their CRM solution on the same servers just because they are in a different billing location.

for Salesforce users, if You want more value, you have to go to a higher level

With Sugar, there’s no game, no smoke and mirrors. It’s a complete solution at an affordable price. You’re company deserves software that makes money, not spends it.

Our final opinion of this CRM comparison? you can probably guess, but here it is anyways:

If your weighing the cost benefits, value given, Return on Investment, functionality… etc. of SugarCRM and, it’s obvious. Sugar has more flexability, greater control, and is offered at a much better price.

if you agree with us, it’s time to take the next step! we have a free Sugar trial. Our Free Trial is ideal for Marketing, Sales and Supportprofessionals to evaluate Sugar.

  • On-demand and ready immediately
  • No credit card required and no need to install anything
  • The trial comes populated with enough demo data so you can see how Sugar can work for you


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