Boosting Customer Service with ERP

Customer service drives every industry, without happy customers there is no revenue growth. Although ERP is known for making every day internal business management better, we often forget about the assistance it provides for customer management. The benefits ERP provides from sales orders to shipping trickle down, affecting customer service as a whole.

ERP’s one database allowing users to access data on every customer makes it easier to handle every customer that comes in contact with the business. According to Best Practices for Customer Service, 68 percent of customers leave due to a feeling of indifference from the company. Using ERP software allows you to find all the information on one customer easily and tailor their experience to their needs.

There are three reasons a customer will continue to come back to your business; quality, timeliness and cost. ERP helps to hit on all three of these major areas concerning customer service.

ERP products help to maintain quality control, ensuring that a customer will receive the same great product every time. Through demand planning and work orders within ERP, you can guarantee customers will always receive that quality product when needed, as well. Using all these streamlining processes within ERP on its easily accessible database, your company is saving cost, allowing you to stay competitive with your prices and keep customers running back.

Many ERP products come with CRM add-ons, making customer service a breeze. These systems will allow you to stay on top of customer inquiries, leads, sales and analytics. Combining this with the tools ERP gives you to provide excellent service, you’ll be a leader in your industry.

This type of customer service is what will keep you from losing that 68 percent who feel slighted by a company. An ERP system basically does the customer service work for you.

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