Do You Really Need an ERP System Replacement?

ERP System ReplacementWhen you’re ERP system starts to become more of a hindrance than a help, it’s easy to jump to the conclusion or be led to believe that you need to invest in a full ERP system replacement. While replacing your current system may in some cases be your best for the long-term success, it’s an expensive move that simply may not be in your budget right now. Here are a few ways simple changes that are far less costly than a complete ERP system replacement that might just help you turn up the power of your existing system:

Keep up with system upgrades. Which version of the ERP software are you on today? A lot of companies skip system upgrades for fear of complications, bugs and other problems. While there is a risk of that happening, you’re risking much more by not following the upgrade path. The latest version can bring new features and capabilities to help you finally reach your goals; not to mention the bug fixes it may bring with it to solve some headaches you may be experiencing with the software today.
Meet additional requirements. If you only met the minimum requirements when you first installed your ERP system, something many companies do, fulfilling additional requirements can help you enhance system performance considerably. For example, you could add a server, improve network connectivity, add storage space, etc.

Extend the system with applications. If you’ve taken care of the above and you’re still not getting what you need out of the system, consider external solutions that can be integrated with your system to fill those gaps. There are hundreds of add-on software applications available on the market that can help you fill the gaps in your existing system to help you solve problems and become more efficient. For example, many ERP systems have only limited functionality for accounts receivable which makes it tough for companies to get paid on time. By integrating an accounts receivable management application to your system, you can automate the process and get the insight and control you need to help you collect invoices on time.

So the question is, do you need to replace your ERP system or will the above tips help you get the power you need? Try the ERP evaluation template below which will grade your system on how well it’s meeting your needs and whether or not you need to make a few adjustments or a dramatic change. Click below to get started.

ERP System Replacement

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