Don’t Fall Victim to a Tradeshow Scam

Every day it seems like a new phone scam is circulating, whether it is calling to say a loved one needs money to get out of jail or a quick “investment” to make millions. In fact, about 17.6 million Americans are scammed via the phone each year. Unfortunately, these aren’t just individuals getting scammed, it includes businesses too. One of the most common areas you can see these scams is in the tradeshow world, for both sponsors and attendees. Tradeshow scams can seriously hurt a business, it can cost a lot of money to attend the tradeshow in the first place, let alone getting scammed through it too.

With Sage Summit around the corner from July 25-28, here are some things to look out for to ensure no one scams you or your business.

  1. You will not receive a phone call to sign up for the event
    Whether you get a phone call from someone asking you to register for the trade show or reserve your hotel room, the vendor hosting the trade show will NOT be calling you to do this. Sage Summit is expecting 20,000 people to attend in Chicago, they do not have time to call each expected attendee to check on their hotel reservations. Further, no reputable hotel or vendor will call and ask for credit card or banking information over the phone for their services.
  2. They will not send outdated methods of communication
    If you receive a fax from someone trying to sell you something related to Sage Summit, throw it in the trash. No one who is a reputable vendor associated with Sage will be sending you faxes. This is a clear indication of a tradeshow scam
  3. Too good to be true
    If they are offering a hotel price or low price on registration that seems out of this world, you need to double check who is selling it to you. Phone scammers make their living by selling items that do not exist. If you book a hotel through the scammers, they will have cashed your check and you will arrive with no hotel room ever been booked.

So what do you do if you think you’ve received a tradeshow scam phone call? Ask the person what company they are with and take down a phone number. Report this to Sage. The more people that report these scams to Sage, the better case they will have to report these scammers to the police. Save someone else from falling victim to these harmful people. At second best, simply ignore their calls.