e2b teknologies provides an “Encore” Performance for Starz Entertainment

Offering 16 premium movie channels with a combined 50 million subscribers, Starz Entertainment (NASDAQ: LSTZA) is in a galaxy all its own in the television and film industry.

Starz Entertainment, a subsidiary of Liberty Capital Group, is known for lighting up living rooms across the world with the STARZ, Encore, and MoviePlex Networks, which it proudly provides on demand and in high definition. Along with these networks, which air more than 1,000 movies and original series monthly, Starz Entertainment provides hundreds of their hit movies and shows for Online viewing through partnerships with broadband affiliates.

With all of these entertainment services and a vast nebula of viewers, it’s no wonder that there was major concern when they received news that their technology partner would no longer support their ERP and project systems.  Starz Entertainment needed to find a new support partner for their custom software which is mission-critical for their internal project and finance teams.

That is exactly what Starz found in e2b teknologies who was able to not only support their custom software, but also provided custom enhancements through their in-depth product knowledge to improve the overall functionality of their ERP and project system.

The Plot Thickens…

When Starz Entertainment learned that their previous technology partner, whom they had always been very happy with, would no longer be able to support their custom modifications for their ERP system they were distressed to say the least. It was hard to be certain if they could find a suitable replacement to ensure their continued success. “I was pretty nervous when our former technology partner told us they would no longer be supporting our customizations,” said Tim Linstrom, Senior Manager of Software Support as Starz Entertainment. “I reached out to e2b teknologies because I’ve followed their company on various forums for years and was always impressed with their technical knowledge and success.”

High Def Success

Using e2b’s  enhancements, Starz Entertainment was not only able to find a replacement provider, but they were able to realize greater productivity and potential through their existing modifications in their system. Enhancements developed by e2b allowed Starz Entertainment to have multiple Positive Pay Formats and allowed them to utilize Intercompany Purchase Orders and Accounts Payable for Project Accounting. They also added the ability to regenerate Positive Pay and ACH exports after posting accounts payable batches and now had an import into their ERP accounting software to automatically generate accounts payable vouchers from data stored in an external system.  All of these functions were either not supported using their former ERP systemor were very limited.

A Premier Partnership

e2b teknologies provides custom business software development and consulting services utilizing modern cloud-based platforms and Microsoft technologies including Microsoft Visual Studio, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Silverlight, and other development platforms and databases.

 e2b’s receptive nature, ability to display an understanding of the needs of Starz Entertainment, and previous history delivering stellar performances warranted a standing ovation at Starz.  As Linstrom said, “We absolutely love the services provided by e2b teknologies development, quality assurance, and support which have far exceeded our expectations.”

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