Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) for Sage 500 ERP

The first electronic data interchange (EDI) solution available for Sage 500 was eBridge Software, which was available through Sage as an endorsed solution. It is still available today for Sage 500 but was replaced by TrueCommerce, created by HighJump software, which is the current endorsed EDI solution available from Sage.

Many other EDI system are available for Sage 500 ERP, including Mapadoc by SWK (includes integration with SPS Commerce), Kissinger EDI Advantage, RedTail EDI, B2B Gateway, Edisoft, and a specific Automotive EDI integration utilizing Inovis TrustedLink for Windows by e2b teknologies. Customers are encouraged to evaluate several EDI solutions to identify the best solution for their needs.

EDI evaluations can be difficult for companies that do not understand the terminology and the requirements. You will need to know what types of documents you will be trading (e.g., 810 invoices, 856 advance ship notices, etc.), whether they are inbound or outbound, the names of the trading partners (customers and suppliers), the estimated transaction volume per month, and other related information such as the required format (ANSIx or EDIFACT), and document version.

For more information on electronic data interchange (EDI) with Sage 500 ERP, and more information on EDI solutions and providers, download our free Sage 500 ERP Owner’s Manual available here or by clicking the button below.

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