Electronic Signatures in SugarCRM: EchoSign for SugarCRM

Adobe EchoSign is the only eSignature solution with complete SugarCRM integration. EchoSign Electronic Signatures in SugarCRM allows you to fully automate your web contracting services for eSignatures and fax signatures in SugarCRM. This short webinar highlights the key features and benefits of using EchoSign for SugarCRM.

Key features of EchoSign for Sugar CRM:

  • Run EchoSign entirely from SugarCRM
  • Send agreements directly from the Account, Contact or Quotes module
  • Send a contract for electronic or fax signature
  • Get real-time dashboard visibility into all agreements out for signature
  • Set an expiration date for your agreements to ensure a timely signature
  • Automatically attaches the final signed agreement as a PDF to the relevant module
  • Signers can e-Sign documents in more than 20 languages
  • Access agreements from your mobile device or laptop to host in-person signing     (http://adobe.ly/1evCBxu)
    Watch The Video below for more information on EchoSign Electronic Signatures in SugarCRM:

EchoSign for SugarCRM

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