Enhance Customer Experience with Manufacturing ERP

A recent IDC Manufacturing report revealed the importance of a customer oriented strategy for manufacturing success. If the findings are any indication of current attitudes in manufacturing companies about customer oriented strategies, there is a huge opportunity for manufacturers to change their thinking and improve business by putting customer experiences at the forefront.

Findings from the report, “Get Customers Inspired: How Modern ERP Can Support Greater Customer Experience” are highlighted below: The study surveyed over 460 companies in different sectors including industrial machinery and equipment, high-tech, and metal fabrication in 13 different countries around the globe.


Key statistics found in the results of the survey sponsored by Epicor ERP include:

  •  In companies with 100–1,000 employees: over 90% of respondents indicated that their existing ERP has limited to no contribution towards the delivery of a good customer experience.
  • Nearly 75% of large manufacturers with 5,000 employees or more indicated that their ERP is a vital platform for delivering a good customer experience as it connects the back and front office operations (Click to Tweet This Stat!)
  • Only 30% of respondents indicated continued relationships were influenced by meeting product expectations and only 6.5% based continued business with a supplier on their ability to support and deliver a product.
  • The reality across many of small and midsized enterprises is that they possess numerous home-grown systems (nearly 40% for manufacturers with 100–1,000 employees) or no ERP at all. This translates to difficulty influencing customer satisfaction and experience due to lack of connectivity between systems, data, information, etc.
  • Only 9% of leading companies have fully realized the importance of creating a customer oriented culture and process workflows to generate superior customer experience.

So what does all of that mean? It means a lot of things, but the three most important messages you might take away are:

  1. Manufacturers need to embrace customer satisfaction to remain competitive in todays market.
  2. Manufactueres must look at their systems and processes to improve and support a customer oriented strategy.
  3. Being customer oriented  in terms of products and services is crucial, but companies need to go beyond that and also focus on customer experience. That means doing providing quality service and striving to always provide customers value in the relationship. Why should they work with you when they can work with someone else with the same product offering? Answering that question is more important than ever.

This survey is sending a very clear message (and warning) to manufacturers who have not incorporated customer focused strategies and the warning sounds something like this:

Mold your strategy and systems to support your customers and enhance their experiences- otherwise they will find someone else who will! ( you agree? click to share!)

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