Enterprise Data Management with Sage 500 ERP

Assisted Company Setup

Assisted Company Setup is designed to walk you through the steps needed to setup a company in Sage 500 ERP. It is used to provide maintenance setup tasks and ensures the correct sequence based upon data dependencies.  It provides you several tools to help you bring your data in. This tool is relatively unknown to many Sage 500 ERP users, but has a lot of value for implementations. It has a lot of tools specifically designed to help companies migrating from Sage 100 ERP (formerly Sage MAS 90 or Sage MAS 200) to Sage 500 ERP. Assisted Company Setup is extremely helpful when converting large files.

Import Utilities

Sage 500 ERP has provided data import utilities in most modules to import small amounts of data into the system since the inception of Sage 500. Import Utilities are included in the Sage 500 ERP Maintenance menu in a Utilities directory. For example, the IM Import Utility is one of the more popular utilities which is used to transfer data from another module or another application to the Inventory Management module. You can also transfer Inventory Management information from a remote location or company to consolidate the information at a central site. You can import data formatted as ASCII records in flat files of fixed length records or of delimited records (identified by a specified character). A single import file cannot contain both record types. By convention, files containing fixed length records are given the extension “.asc,” while the files containing delimited records are given the extension “.del.” The Import IM Data utility allows you to import the item records, inventory records, and inventory beginning balance records.


DataPorter utilizes Microsoft Excel to import larger amounts of data into specific maintenance screens within Sage 500 ERP. Introduced in Sage 500 ERP version 6.0, this is a useful alternative for data import activities – especially for one-time imports. It is accessed from a special icon on the menu or by using the shortcut – ALT + F7. DataPorter menu options are available in Microsoft Excel from the Add-Ins menu.

Data Migrator

Data Migrator was introduced in Sage 500 ERP version 6.2.  It is part of the Assisted Company Setup system within Sage 500 ERP used primarily for initial implementations.

Data Import Manager

Data Import Manager (DIM) was introduced in Sage 500 ERP version 7.2. It is accessed as its own menu option in the Sage 500 ERP Business Desktop. DIM is perhaps the most flexible data import tool available since it can be used to import small or large data sets one-time or on a scheduled basis which is very useful for periodic updates such as updating pricing from suppliers or picking up sales orders from external systems such as ecommerce websites.

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