Where Will Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Be in Ten Years?

ERPfocus.com came up with a great idea to host a weekly chat about interesting ERPERP topics- yes, Enterprise Resource Planning can be interesting! ERPfocus.com is a free resource which provides knowledge and evaluation resources to ERP software professionals. The website is always full of interesting blogs, research, tools etc. Whether you’re already using Enterprise Resource Planning or considering your first implementation. Every week you can join in a great conversation around different topics by following #ERPchat on twitter. We were unable to attend this past week, but I wanted to check and see what everyone thought of the topic, “what will ERP look like in 10 years?”

Here are handful ideas that came up:

  • “100% cloud deployment perhaps?”
  • “greater social integration & improved communication across the entire supply chain”
  • “specialization & collaboration will be huge”
  • “easier to purchase/implement ERP with apps, should be more accessible & intuitive.”
  • “Technology is changing so fast: 10 yrs ago the iPhone didn’t exist nor did Facebook or Twitter “
  • “Future ERP will continue to evolve w/ better integration, more automated, intuitive, and smarter.  “
  • “Integration with #BigData, Social, #AI / #SelfLearning How to make best use of all ‘data’”
  • “available to businesses of all sizes; very customizable; increase user Interactivity”
  • “More dynamic, easier to use, available on any device so can access information on the go – that’s the way #ERP is going”
  • “It’s hard to predict the future, but you can bet the words “mobile” and “apps” will be heavily involved in future ERP.”
  • “Erp wont exist as we know it”

What a fascinating group of thoughts and opinions on this subject. Looking forward to next week!  If you have anything to add we’d love to hear what you think! Leave comment or, better yet, send us a tweet!


Join the conversation next week by following #ERPChat on twitter & while you are there be sure to follow us to @e2bteknologies 

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