Epicor ERP for Windows 10: Are You Ready?

Windows 10 and Epicor ERPThe Windows 10 release launched for general availability at the end of July as a phased release. As of this date, the new Windows operating system has been download on 75 million devices, and it has a rate of download faster than any previous version of the platform. With Windows 10 gaining so much traction, and soon to be the OS standard for Microsoft, is your Epicor ERP system ready?

Epicor has been working to test their ERP product lines on Windows 10 to ensure seamless application usage for their customers. What they’ve done is design the current Epicor ERP 10.0.x installer to check for a specific version of .NET 4.5 and will not install E10.0.x if the .NET 4.5 version is not present. The new Windows 10 is shipping with .NET 4.6, which the current E10.0.x installer will check, fail, and therefore the E10.0.x installer must be updated.

You must also keep in mind that the new Windows 10 cannot have both .NET 4.5 and 4.6 on the same machine. However, the NET 4.6 version can coexist with any older .NET version, such as v3.x, v2.x, etc. Lastly, Windows 10 has a new browser, called Edge, which will replace Internet Explorer as the default. Although not the default, IE will be present on Windows 10, and it is recommended that you utilize this as Epicor only certifies on the IE browser at this time.

Here is a readiness status update by Epicor ERP version:


  • E10.1 is not released to the market yet, however, once GA the 10.1 installer will have no restrictions on the .NET version check.  Testing is underway for E10.1 on Windows 10 machines and it will be ready by 10.1 GA.

E10. 0.x

  • The E10.0 installer is being fixed to remove the check for specific .NET versions. The updated installer is targeted to be made available to Epicor Support for distribution by August 21st.
  • Epicor customers will need to download the updated 10.0 installer only for PCs/laptops with Windows 10.


  • Epicor customers will need to install .NET 3.5 on all Windows 10 machines (this is the same requirement as prior Windows OS versions). .NET 3.5 and .NET 4.6 can coexist on Windows 10 machines.
  • There is no fix or update needed from Epicor at this time, however, Epicor is performing tests of 9.05.702A on a Windows 10 machine for additional verification. The test is targeted to be completed by September 25th.

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