Epicor ERP Industry Packs Shave Cost & Time Off ERP Implementations

I just returned from Epicor Insights customer conference in Nashville, TN and was completely blown away by Epicor’s new and innovative approach to ERP implementations. Epicor has long been the leading provider of discrete manufacturing ERP and has added several new tools that make it easier for manufacturers in specific industries to implement, optimize, and utilize Epicor 10 ERP.

One of the major hurdles facing companies implementing ERP is the sheer size of the initial implementation which can take months to years for critical phase one requirements. Often times the implementation is cut short of initial goals because the business decides they must go live on the new application leaving other areas of the system underutilized or eliminated from the initial setup and deferred to a later phase which almost never happens.

Epicor now offers tools to streamline the initial implementation allowing companies to implement more core features in the initial implementation. These include seed data for specific manufacturing industries which are settings that companies in these industries traditionally had to enter or configure manually with each implementation. These new industry packs also include preset reports and dashboards defined for each unique industry as well as pre-defined workflow definitions and industry-specific education tailored to the unique needs of the industry. The workflow definitions include over 100 processes outlining more than 400 activities including process flows required for ISO and other compliance initiatives. The last piece of the industry packs provides preset menus and security for users by industry.

The industry packs are sold at very reasonable prices saving companies several weeks to months in the initial implementation phase. In fact, Epicor estimates that the industry packs will save between 700 to 1,200 hours off each implementation, a reduction of about 20% to 30%. The net result is that companies can save money on the initial implementation with a go-live date about two to three months sooner.

Industry packs are available for Industrial Machinery & Equipment and High Tech & Electronics. Additional industry packs are in final stages of development and scheduled for release in the next few months. These industry packs will be Industrial & Fabricated Metals, Rubber & Plastics, and Aerospace & Defense. Additional industry packs are being evaluated for future development later in 2015 and beyond.

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ERP for Metals

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