Epicor Expands Cloud Based ERP Solutions to Middle East

Epicor Software currently serves the ERP market across many countries, from the U.S to the U.K., Latin America, and more. These services range from your typical on-premise ERP solutions to cloud-based ERP systems. Now, Epicor has found that it is time to expand their reach for cloud-based solutions into the Middle East and Egypt.

Recently, Gartner released a report stating that the market for cloud-based services in the Middle East and North Africa would grow by 18.3 percent in 2016, to $879.3 million. Even more specifically, cloud based application services are expected to increase by 207 percent, from $166.1 million to $509.8 million in 2020.

Just a year ago, Epicor expanded its cloud-based ERP solutions from the U.S. to Asia. Epicor has seen the value in the Gartner predictions for the Middle East and North Africa and is moving forward to become a leader in the region.

“Rolling out our cloud-first strategy in the Middle East means ERP customers in the region can now leverage cloud deployment benefits, including business consistency, worry-free security, hassle-free upgrades, reduced risk and faster time to value,” Sabby Gill, Epicor International executive vice president, told Khaleej Times. “Perhaps more importantly, given the current economic climate with depressed oil prices, cloud solutions also offer lower total cost of ownership.”

Epicor cloud-based ERP solutions have made it easier for companies, especially small businesses, to harness the power of ERP without having long implementation times, costly installation and maintenance and a large IT team. With the lower costs to companies, they are able to focus on adding value from services such as development, security or business connections.

So far, the Middle East and North Africa region seem to be welcoming Epicor cloud-based ERP solutions. An Epicor partner in the region commented that their ability to stay relevant in the market includes being able to offer cloud-based services and Epicor moving into the region is allowing them to strengthen their practice and bring in new customers.

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