Epicor for Lean Manufacturing

Epicor Lean ManufacturingEpicor for lean manufacturing serves the manufacturing industry with an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution focused on lean principles. Lean manufacturing is an adaptation of the Toyota Production System, where efficiency and productivity are combined in an effort to eliminate waste and maximize output. The lean manufacturing model is a customer centric philosophy that focuses on identifying which activities add value to the end result, and which elements of the manufacturing process the customer would be willing to pay for. Lean manufacturing principles are not something that businesses can adopt overnight. Instead, it’s a process of continuous improvement as each value stream is defined, analyzed, and modified over time.

Epicor thoroughly understands the lean manufacturing process, and they’re equipped with decades of industry experience. Epicor’s manufacturing ERP was built from the ground up with lean processes in mind. This robust ERP solution operates in real time to optimize supply and demand for the enterprise, plant, work center, or wherever else you do business.

There are several ways that Epicor provides support for the lean manufacturer. Among these include:

  • Core Epicor methodologies that support lean
  • Measure and respond
  • Customer relationship management (CRM)
  • Supplier relationship management (SRM)
  • Product lifecycle management (PLM)
  • Manufacturing without work-orders (Kanban flow)
  • Automated material flow
  • Enterprise-wide shipping management
  • Quality management
  • Electronic collaboration with partners
  • Support for hybrid approaches to lean
  • Emerging technologies in support of lean

Manufacturers have been increasingly turning to ERP systems to handle their exceedingly complicated business processes, including supply chain management, customer relationship management, time and project management, accounting and more. With the majority of companies turning to software and technology to simplify these business processes, it’s becoming critical for companies to implement a software system to streamline operations, keeping them operating at peak performance, and more importantly, staying ahead of the competition.

Manufacturers have special needs related to the products they make and the markets they serve. Not all manufacturing ERP systems are the same. That’s why we offer our customers a choice of multiple systems from leading software publishers. e2b enterprise has worked extensively to help both large and small enterprises with Epicor ERP related consultation, implementation, development and services. Contact us to learn more.

by Josh Bailey

Epicor for Lean Manufacturing

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