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epicor trainingAs Epicor ERP consultants, we know that implementing the right ERP system is a business critical initiative, but we also know that system selection and implementation is only the beginning of ensuring you get the best possible ROI from your investment. Epicor training is crucial to make sure your entire organization knows exactly how they are expected to use and utilize the system, otherwise you run the risk of lower user adoption and expensive mistakes that will affect the overall value and success of your ERP project. Epicor training is not easy, but the publishers have done an outstanding job of providing Epicor users with helpful and easy to use educational tools. In a recent article we went over Epicor University as a learning resource for your organization, today we will touch on another one of Epicor’s educational resources, Epicor Knowledge Mentor (EKM).

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Epicor Knowledge Mentor (EKM) enables you to easily create, deploy, and manage custom training content and documentation unique to your Epicor ERP system and the nuances of your business. EKM helps you realize and extend the benefits of your Epicor ERP investment by improving your employees’ knowledge of and ability to utilize the software. Through its unique capabilities, Epicor Knowledge Mentor provides an interactive approach to learning. The training content shows users through various outputs how to use the system exactly as it will be configured in their own work environment. This leads to fewer potential mistakes, improved ownership of their work, and ultimately helps improve the investment you made in your Epicor solution.

Epicor Knowledge Mentor is comprised of three modules that work seamlessly together to simplify the development, deployment, and consumption of your training and user resources.

EKM Author for creation of training resources in over 40 different languagets in various formats including Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, PDF, HTML, and more. EKM Author enables recordings and guided learning as the student walks through the software step by step. EKM Author can also be used to create quizzes to evaluate the progress of each student.

EKM Collaborator is a server-based project management tool used to manage the assignment of training curriculum development and updates to resources within your company and the education team.

EKM End User is licensed to employees within your organization that need access to the training materials and resources developed with EKM Author. Content is accessible from the EKM Collaborator server or from mobile devices. The EKM End User license also allows employees to create short training content themselves through a wizard-driven authoring tool. This enables anyone and everyone in the organization to share information and best practices related to Epicor ERP and how to use it effectively in the organization to solve real world challenges.

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The Benefits of Epicor training with Epicor Knowledge Mentor include:

  • Improved user adoption
  • Better knowledge retention rates
  • Reduced development time and costs for custom education materials
  • standardized training content across the organization
  • reduced help desk costs and user errors after implementation
  • Remains an ongoing resources for new employees or changing roles
  • Improved ROI on total ERP investment.

As long time members of the Epicor ERP network our staff is made up of only senior level consultants, software engineers, project managers, and support technicians who have helped hundreds of small and large companies make the most out of their ERP investment. Click below to learn more about the services we offer and what sets our Epicor training, consulting, and development services apart.

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