ERP Budget & Cost Considerations: Moving from QuickBooks to ERP (Part 1 of 8 part series)

By James Mallory

Entry-Level Accounting (Part 1)

Companies can buy a business system for almost nothing when they are small. A subscription to QuickBooks starts at just $12.95. You can barely eat at McDonald’s these days for that little investment. Even QuickBooks Enterprise is very affordable at less than $10,000 for a growing business. But there is one thing that makes the leap from QuickBooks to ERP a big one for most companies – implementation services.

When you start a business using QuickBooks, you can probably implement the software yourself or maybe you watch some tutorials and hire a consultant to help you with a few things. There are a lot of QuickBooks consultants and most charge relatively low rates ranging from $75 per hour up to maybe $125 per hour. Even if your business is relatively complex, you may only be looking at 40 hours of assistance. That’s only $5,000 on the high end. So for $15,000 you can get a scalable entry-level business system up to 30 users fully-installed, configured, and ready to use.

Based on our experience, a company will typically use QuickBooks and some add-on extensions until they reach as high as $5 million to $10 million in revenue or 20-50 employees.


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