3 Reasons You Should Be Using an ERP Consultant

Hands down, no secrets here: ERP is complicated. It’s not worth trying to convince someone that ERP isn’t a difficult technology to master. There are people who have been in the industry for a decade and still don’t know all there is to know about ERP. That is simply because ERP is a technology that is constantly changing. New ERP vendors pop up all the time, the addition of the cloud means ERP works differently than before and new module additions mean more functionality is added all the time. So, if you’re considering implementing ERP and you haven’t been immersed in ERP for a decade, you will have an extremely difficult time on your own. There are ERP consultants in the market for a reason and here are the reasons you should be using one.

  1. ERP Vendors
    As stated above, new ERP vendors come onto the market every day and they will all be the “perfect fit” for your company. However, this is obviously just a gimmick to get you to buy their product and there will truly only be one perfect fit ERP for you. So how do you weed through all of these vendors on your own? An ERP consultant. ERP consultants have been in the ERP market for a long time and know which vendors are the most reliable, which ones specialize in your industry and which ones fit into your budget. Don’t learn the hard way when someone has already don’t it for you.
  2. Man Power
    ERP is time consuming to implement. All the data that you possess has to be switched over to the new ERP system. Every end user needs to be taught how to use the new system. Depending on if you get an on-premise system or a hosted system, you IT staff will have their hands full. Basically, you can either have your whole staff focused on ERP for the months of implementation or you can have an ERP consultant who will plan out and take over this massive job for you.
  3. Maintaining Employee Morale
    How your employees take the switch can have a huge, lasting impact on whether your ERP implementation works or not. You need your end users to cooperate and be willing to learn the system, or the same bottlenecks and issues from before will continue to occur. Making sure that employees don’t lose focus or get frustrated with learning a new technology is crucial and something ERP consultants are adept at, with different strategies and learning plans.

Does choosing and implementing ERP all on your own still sound like a good idea? It may sound right now like an added cost that you don’t want to take on, but it makes a huge difference in the end result. If you want to get the full ROI on the ERP system like you expect, using an ERP consultant will get you there. If you choose not to use one, the system may not work the way you want and you may end up actually losing money.

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