ERP for Rubber and Plastic Manufacturers

ERP for Rubber and Plastic ManufacturersThe rubber and plastics industry is one with particularly volatile raw materials costs, short product life cycles, highly price sensitive customers, and thin margins. Because of the nature of the industry, rubber and plastics manufacturers are under a significant amount of pressure to find techniques to cut back on operational costs, reduce waste and inventory levels, quickly respond to rapid changes in product development, and other challenges. ERP for rubber and plastic manufacturers can support simple to complex build plans and provide the agility these organizations require and the deep insight and control necessary for precise manufacturing and overall customer satisfaction.

ERP for rubber and plastic manufacturers allows organizations to:

  1. Improve operational visibility to remove redundant processes and improve planning, procurement, customer service, and other critical business operations.
  2. Reduce costs while maintaining quality products. ERP for rubber and plastics manufacturers allows for stronger control and better management of your key cost elements. Utilize tools such as inventory control, MRP, purchase suggestion capabilities, and more to reduce raw material inventory and enable just in time delivery techniques.
  3. Reduce waste in the supply chain through tighter collaboration and find new efficiencies through automation and improved communications up and down the supply chain.
  4. Automate compliance and traceability to keep up with mandated regulatory requirements from Sarbanes-Oxley to ISO/AS/TS/QS standards.
  5. Compete on a global scale and streamline processes and communications between and within multiple sites.
  6. And others.


Whether the focus of your business is on extrusion, injection mold, thermoform, fabrication, film or plastic bags, ERP for rubber and plastic manufacturers  is designed to manage the requirements of your industry with functionality to support prototyping, complex family molds, make-to-order, stock, or mixed-mode environments from one complete solution. ERP for rubber and plastics manufacturers can help and provide the tools required to manage complex relationships and operations to achieve industry-leading efficiencies across the entire organization.

For our white paper on ERP for rubber and plastic manufacturers, click here.

 ERP for rubber and plastic manufacturers

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